Experience for Beginners

Our Story:

Summer Dalton's life changes forever when she witnesses her teenage sister's kidnapping. But when Summer begins investigating the crime, she uncovers truths better left buried.

Our Beneficiary:

This year our proceeds will be benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Each wish offers children the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life-changing experience.

Having granted the wishes of over 13,000 children since 1985, Make-A-Wish Illinois serves an essential role in empowering and strengthening the thousands of lives of children diagnosed with life-threatening conditions each year.​

For more information, please visit Make-A-Wish Foundation

Donations Raised:

We raised $1,800 for Experience for Beginners!

Cast & Crew:


Kelly Engler

Katherine Seldin

Brett Vail

Jeanne T. Arrigo

Matt Kuyawa

Michael Silberblatt

Dana Alan Ferguson

Jamie Birkner

WIlson Shirley

Steven James Price

Rito Balducci

David Barlow​

Jesse Swedlund

Lynn Kelso

Eric Lynne

Ellie Schultz

Sam Hazlett

​Kristen Wiseman

Lindsay Barranco

Rabail Habib

Nathaniel Al-Najjar

​Romain Sinclair


Shivani Chanillo

Sarah Jane Inwards

Brian Lasman

Emily Ryles

Ellie Schultz

Alec Ziff


Sarah Jane Inwards

​Alec Ziff

Lindsay Barranco

​Rabail Habib


Sarah Jane Inwards

Alec Ziff


​Sam Hazlett


Sam Hazlett

David Marrero

Cory Ryncarz

'Lena' Paige Pak

​Sarah Turner


Shivani Chanillo

​Alec Ziff

Production Team:

Max Kelley

​Lisa Wiznitzer

Kerry Driscoll

​Katie Ross

Production Design:

​Savy Leiser


​Kenny Zhao


Nathaniel Al-Najjar

Diana Armacanqui

Nicole Borden

Taylor Dabbah

Kerry Driscoll

Jimmy Feterman

Mei Gao

Alison Ho

Kathryn Ikenberry

Katie Ross

Drew Rubin

​Romain Sinclair

Location Management:

Nicole Borden

Kate Leggett