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Didn't get my explanation? Check out these outside resources.

Check out the Youtube channels below for excellent videos that describe AP Physics 1 concepts!

Crash Course

Flipping Physics

Dan Fullerton

Bozeman Science

Or brush up by reading the Physics Classroom, which provides EXCELLENT conceptual explanations with very little math.

edX offers a free AP Physics 1 online course that you can use for extra conceptual and experimental practice. I highly recommend enrolling as part of your study plan for the AP exam in early May!

There are several AP Physics 1 prep books available for purchase, each with its own pros and cons, but I most strongly recommend AP Physics Essentials by Dan Fullerton, whose Youtube channel is above! The book's content is well-aligned with what's covered on the AP Physics 1 exam and provides a good conceptual base for understanding what you'll see on the exam. If you're after tons of practice problems, it's worth checking out the Princeton Review's AP Physics 1 Exam, 2017 Edition.

Need Extra Credit?


For 10 extra points on the semester exam, you can make a set of 100 flash cards with physics vocabulary and equations and turn them in on the day of your exam. The flash cards MUST be neat, accurate, and easy to follow. All 100 of your flash cards must be on a binder ring (they look like this and can be found at office supply stores). They should be color-coded by unit in some way, and you need to make at least 15 flash cards for each unit (Newton's 1st Law, Newton's 2nd Law, Newton's 3rd Law, Energy, and Waves). I want 5 cards for our 2-D Motion/Forces mini-unit. You can decide how to best distribute the other 20! I will not accept Quizlets except under extenuating circumstances (see me if you think you might qualify)!


Every quarter, you are welcome to listen to whichever full-length Radiolab episode fascinates you the most and write a paper detailing your thoughts on the episode. Please see the full instructions below! Check the AP Physics 1 calendar for this quarter's E.C. due date.

Not learning ENOUGH in my class? Interested in keeping up with the latest in physics and science?

MIT Physics - Physics research

NPR Science - Current science news

New York Times Science - Current science news