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04/02/2018: CFA Workshop Language Throughout the Ages (satellite event of Protolang 6).

11/10/2018: The Protolang 6 website is online.

17/09/2018: Out now! New Book on Primate Social Cognition for AppEEL's IER-Series. Congratulations to the editors, Laura Desirèe Di Paolo, Fabio Di Vincenzo, and Francesca De Petrillo, the authors and, as always, many thanks to Springer!

28/06/2018: Check out the plenary lectures given by Jamie Tehrani, Kristian Tylén and Nathalie Gontier at the Applications in Cultural Evolution Conference organized by Peeter Tinits, Oleg Sobchuk & Riin Kõiv. Many congratulations and thanks to all for an inspiring event! And see here for a blog post by James Waddington on these and other talks.

09/05/2018: Upcoming talks on Explanation in evolutionary linguistic sciences & Roots of reticulate evolutionary theories in natural philosophy on May 14th & 15th, at the IAS-Research Centre for Life, Mind & Society at the University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, Spain

23/04/2018: We are hosting the next Protolang conference here in Lisbon, Portugal in September 2019! Check this website throughout the year for updates.

12/01/2018: EVOLANG 12 Sattelite event on April 15th, 2018, on Evolutionary Theory in the Humanities, sponsored by the HBES, Human Behavior and Evolution Society and organized by AppEEL's partner institution CLES, Center for Language Evolution Studies

05/01/2018: CFA Applications in Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies, 3-day conference @ Tartu, Estonia, June 6-8. CFA Deadline February 14th. More info here.

17/11/2017: Cordial thanks to Mark Pagel for reviewing our Cultural Phylogenetics book for the journal The Quarterly Review of Biology. You can read the review here.

01/09/2017: Out now: Special Issue for Language Sciences called Language Evolution: Focus on Mechanisms, and edited by Przemyslaw Zywiczynski, Nathalie Gontier and Slawomir Wacewicz. Thanks to the editor-in-chief Sune Steffensen and to the authors for contributing!

15/04/2017: Protolang 5 will be organized by the Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona.

15/12/2016: Our Special Issue on Evolutionary Patterns for the journal Evolutionary Biology is out now. Many thanks to the editor-in-chief, Benedikt Hallgrimsson, for providing us with an excellent venue, to the authors for contributing, and to Eveline Kolijn for the artistic cover! There is free access to the intro on converging patterns in life and sociocultural evolution, and the closing article on time.

31/09/2016: Cordial thanks to Johann-Mattis List for reviewing our Cultural Phylogenetics book for the journal Systematic Biology. You can read the review here. And more from Johann on the book and similar topics on David Morrison's World of phylogenetic Networks blog.

29/02/2016: The book on Cultural Phylogenetics for AppEEL's Book Series Interdisciplinary Evolution Research is out! Congrats to Larissa Mendoza Straffon and thanks to the authors for contributing.

01/12/2015: Cordial thanks to David Morrison for recommending our Reticulate Evolution book on the World of Phylogenetic Networks blogspot.

30/10/2015: Cordial thanks to Brain K. Hall for recommending our Macroevolution book for the October 2015 issue of Choice, Reviews online. You can read the review here.

19/09/2015: AppEEL members Andy Lock and Chris Sinha are invited to organize a symposium session on Ontogeny and Language Evolution for the upcoming Protolang Conference. Check out the full program here.

19/09/2015: Cordial thanks to Roberta Salmi for reviewing our book on The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates for the Quarterly Review of Biology journal. You can download the article here.

17/06/2015: The book Reticulate Evolution: Symbiogenesis, Lateral Gene Transfer, Hybridization and Infectious Heredity is out now. Douglas Zook's intro is freely available here and the introduction can be read here.

01/03/2015: Cordial thanks to Jean-Baptiste Leca for recommending our Social Communication in Primates book for the February 2015 issue of Choice, Reviews online. You can read the review here.

01/03/2015: Nathalie Gontier & Jan Sapp are invited to organize an ISS (International Symbiosis Society) Symposium on Reticulate Evolution

20/02/2015: The book Macroevolution: Explanation, Interpretation, and Evidence is out now. The introduction can be read here.

01/02/2015: Cordial thanks to Agnieszka Dębska for reviewing our book on The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates for the journal Theoria et Historia Scientiarum. You can download the article here.

15/10/2014: AppEEL is involved in the organization of the next Protolang 4 conference. Abstracts, posters and symposia proposals can be submitted until February 1st, 2015. More info can be found here.

09/06/2014: Website on the Workshop: Behavior, Cognition and Evolution, with keynote speaker Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa is online here.

02/06/2014: The first book of our Springer Series, Interdisciplinary Evolution Research, titled The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates: A Multidisciplinary Approach is out now.

02/06/2014: Upcoming talk on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity for NEDE-APBE's Nelson Mandela Symposium.

17/03/2014: Upcoming talk on species extinction for SEA's Biodiversity colloquium.

15/11/2013: AppEEL is participating in a Symposium on Biodiversity on December 4th, which will be part of CFCUL's 10 year anniversary celebration.

15/09/2013: Summer School interviews with Frédéric Bouchard, Luis Villarreal, Derek Turner, Frietson Galis, Marion Blute, Fiona Jordan, Emanuele Serrelli, Ilyä Temkin, Michael Ruse, and Nathalie Gontier can be watched either on the Evolution School Video website or directly on the Summer School playlist of AppEEL's YouTube Channel.

01/09/2013: Winter School interviews with William Croft, Folmer Bokma, Douglas Zook, Daniel Dor, Bruce Lieberman, Michael Arnold, and Mónica Tamariz can be watched either on the Evolution School Video website or directly on the Winter School playlist of AppEEL's YouTube Channel.

15/08/2013: All presentations given at the 2013 Evolutionary Patterns Conference are now online.

30/07/2013: Summer Evolution School Pictures are online on our Facebook Page.

03/07/2013: Seminar by Bernard Wood, organized in collaboration with CBA.

27/06/2013: Check out the photos taken during the Lisbon Evolution Day and Conference on Evolutionary Patterns on our Facebook Page.

17/05/2013: Public conference on Beyond Darwin: Recent Advances in Evolutionary Sciences: videos are now online on youtube.

06/05/2013: AppEEL members are organizing a roundtable on ecology and evolution's narratives, and they are presenting in a session on variation for ISHPSSB 2013.

01/02/2013: New course on History and Philosophy of the Evolutionary Sciences

28/12/2012: CFP Protolang 3, Wroclaw, Poland, 25-26 May, 2013

05/08/2012: Evolution schools held at the Ciência Viva Science Pavilion, Portugal

05/08/2012: 3-day International Conference on Horizontal and Vertical, Micro- and Macro-Evolutionary Patterns in Biology and Sociocultural Sciences held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal

01/08/2012: AppEEL’s members are organizing 2 symposia on the Extended Synthesis for the 2013 AAAS-meeting to be held in Boston.

01/08/2012: AppEEL’s members are organizing a symposium on Tree and Network Models of Cultural Transmission for the 2012 AAA meeting to be held in San Francisco.

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