[Notice] Good Morning Application Download (Android)

Hello, we are MyCreditChain team.

Recently, Good Morning application cannot be downloaded normally due to problems related to policy compliance on Google Play Store.

So far, there have been issues several times regarding the provision of advertisements provided by Adtech company on Roulette and others, but Google's current policy is not based on clear standards so this issue is not easy to deal with for us.

Thus, we would like to reduce user inconvenience by providing the following Good Morning APK file for Android.

However, if you install the APK file downloaded directly, you must allow 'Install Unknown Apps'.

We will continue to discuss with Google Play in order to normalize application download again.

Download Link : https://bit.ly/36V8fYd

* How to Install Applications from Unknown Sources

(Be sure to use temporarily only for Good Morning application)

1. 'Install App from Unknown Sources' Information Pop-up > Tap 'Settings'

2. Change the option from 'Not Allow' to 'Allow', then install

MyCreditChain provides a marketing/data platform that gives commercial value to personal information owned by individuals creating a trusted social network. GoodMorning's Gift Economy, called Seed Gifting is a global service with a unique feature that gives incentive to distribute seeds among users.

Fruits received within the GoodMorning app for activity can be exchanged into MCC tokens, gift cards that can be used to purchase goods from the Fruit Mall, games, healthcare, Star Friends Market, and more.

Social networking within the GoodMorning app can produce credit index and marketing influencing power. With these features, MyCreditChain is the foundation for creating mutual benefits between businesses and users.

As of 2019, MyCreditChain has created a vast network of users who can distribute their data in opportunity to operate in partnership with other businesses.

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