Demystifying APM for Android


Selected APM.

1~5: Tingyun, BaiduAPM, UMeng, Mobile Tencent , OpenInstall

6~10: New Relic, App Dynamics, OneAPM, GrowingIO, Google Firebase

11~15; Dynatrace, Site24*7, AppPulse Mobile,CA Mobile. Apteligent

16~20: Flurry, AppsFlyer, Yandex Metrica , Adjust, Ironsource

21-25: Countly, Sentry, AndroidGodEye, BlackCancary, ArgusAPM

Subject Apps.

The list of Android apps we used can be found at here. We only show the package name and meta-data of apps instead of displaying all apks due to storage restriction.


The detail of apps can be found here

500 thousand apps in total.

Which APMs support privacy deployment?

Data can be found here:

Is data encrypted during transition? Data can be found here

Upload interval data can be found here

The data for privacy policy can be found here

(For the privacy policy, only apps that have privacy policy && use APMs are collected. )


The tool will be available here after paper notification.