Algorithmic Presentations in Mathematics

(Sirius Mathematics Center, Sochi, Russia)

November 8-12, 2021


The general area of computable (or effective) mathematics is devoted to understanding the algorithmic content of mathematical objects. Interest in effectiveness is already apparent in the famous Hilbert problems, in particular the second and the tenth, and in early 20th century work of Dehn, initiating the study of word problems in group theory. Turing, Gödel and others in the 1930s came up with a formal notion of an algorithm.

Nowadays, computable mathematics is a flourishing research area with its leading researchers working in the top universities worldwide. In Russia, there are strong research groups in Kazan, Moscow, and Novosibirsk.

Over the last decade, computable mathematics has seen a lot of new important developments in different areas, including effective algebra, computable analysis, and feasible mathematics. No firm line can be drawn between these topics. One of our main goals is to bring experts in these areas together.

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Venue: Omega Sirius Hotel (2nd floor, Conference Hall "Sochi")

Arrival day: November 7

Conference days: November 8-12

Departure day: November 13