Worship With Us

As our church family comes together for fellowship, we enjoy worshiping our great God and Savior Jesus Christ! We do this every Sunday and sometimes other days as well. In our times of worship we take time for prayer, singing, the teaching and preaching of the scriptures, worship in giving, worship through testimonies, worship as we remember Jesus through communion, and from time to time we celebrate in our worship those being baptized, declaring their faith!

We encourage you to come as you are with a prepared heart to give God the glory and honor. God cares a great deal more about what is going on with us on the inside more than He is concerned with what we wear. We worship God in a variety of ways realizing that God can be worshiped through hymns, praise songs, prayer, preaching, and the family of God fellowshipping together! We encourage you to join our Family of families as we worship God this Sunday! (10:30a.m.)