The History of Grace Bible Church

In October of 1989, Rocky Mountain Bible Church Mission (RMBCM) surveyed the Parachute area. They quickly discovered that the fast-growing area did not have a non-denominational Bible teaching church, and by the end of the year, Grace Bible Church (GBC) was formed.

Under Pastor Mark Henry, GBC's first pastor, they met in a small rented room in the local activity center. Shortly following, the church moved into a store front in Parachute. By 1996, GBC was self-supporting, and the search for property began. Land was purchased in Battlement Mesa, and construction began early in 2000. January 28th, 2001 witnessed the first service at their new and present location.

Since that time, GBC has continued to grow. After 13 years, Pastor Henry was called to another ministry, and Pastor Charlie Hornick became GBC's second pastor beginning in April of 2003. He served faithfully to our church and community for 12 years. On June 7, 2015 he was called to teach and train pastors at Frontier School of the Bible. Pastor Jed Johnston transitioned into the Senior Pastor role on June 7, 2015 after serving the GBC as Family Life Pastor for almost 4 years. In 2018, Family/Worship Pastor Caleb Lenard joined the staff, working with youth, worship, and familes. The transitory nature of the community has allowed GBC to serve many people through the years. GBC has continued to move ahead, planting a sister church in Collbran, Co, and adding ministries & missionaries to meet the needs of those both locally and abroad.