Chapter Lineage


Becoming a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity requires an investment of your personal time, talents, and money. We are not looking for candidates who are not interested in serving the communities in which they live. We are not seeking candidates who do not take academic excellence seriously. Most importantly, We are not interested in individuals whose actions will put the organization’s brand and well-being at risk. This ship does not need anchors.

An Alpha Phi Alpha member’s greatest interest is outside himself. We value those who believe that their membership in Alpha Phi Alpha is the presentation of their personal commitment to time-valued words such as KNOWLEDGE, ACHIEVEMENT, SERVICE, INTEGRITY, QUALITY, HONOR, EXCELLENCE, and COMMUNITY.


Fall 2012 - Mission Impossible (Inaugural Line)

1. Shedrick S. Roberts – REPHRESH

2. Jammal H. Dorsey – 2-Step (Alias: Lip Service)

3. Terrence R M Williams – x-phactor

4. Jonathan L. - Ghost Protocol (Alias:T-1000)

5. Rodney L. White - Stonehenge (Alias:Rock)

6. Lord T. Walthour - Cliph Knotes (Alias:The Truth)

Spring 2013 - Just Ice League

1. Gregory Gilbert - Oracle

2. Brandon L. Berry - Mr. Freeze

3. Erickson Miller

Spring 2014 - The Lost Pharoa's of Egypt

1. Henry Nicholes - Horemheb

2. Mathew Brown - Thutmose II

3. Michael Dryver - Senebkay

Spring 2017 - Suicide Squad

1. Cleon E. Peoples - Black Panther

2. David R. Harley - Iron Fist

3. Kenar M. Johnson - Luke Cage

Spring 2018 - Black Panther

1. Donald Hayes - T'Challa - Tupac

2. Kevin Bernard Brown Jr. - M'Baku - The Notorious B.I.G - Sweatbox

Spring 2019 - The Gods of Kemet

1. John Jones Jr. - Apedemak

2. James Izzard Jr. - Thoth

3. Edward McNeil - Montu

4. Thomas Nobles - Horus

5. Temony McNeil - Amun-Ra