About Us

In July 2010, fifteen financial brothers in the Southern Maryland Alpha Planning Committee endorsed the application to petition the General Organization of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. to grant a charter establishing an alumni chapter seated in Waldorf, MD to join the brotherhood and serve the communities of Charles County specifically, and southern Maryland generally.​

On July 24 th , 2010 the Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter, Key 677 of Alpha PhiAlpha Fraternity, Inc. was charted at the 104 th Anniversary Convention, 90 th General Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, the official charter members consisted of: Bro. Walter Stafon Bowman, Sr., Bro. Kenneth L. Briscoe, Bro. Edsel M. Brown, Jr., Bro. Frederick Alan Edwards, Bro. Kenneth Oscar Ford, Bro. Kenyatta Dorey Graves, Bro. Alan Lamarc Hudson, Bro. Elijah Johnson, Jr., Bro. Reginald Kearney, Bro. Sean Damien Meredith, Bro. Derrick DeWayne Nunn, Bro. Tyrone W. Ross, Bro. Theodore J. Short, Bro. Ramon Taylor, and Bro. Marc Williams.

The chapter crossed its first inaugural line in the fall of 2012, which consist of Bro Shederick S. Roberts, Bro Jammal H. Dorsey, Bro Terrence RM Williams, Bro Jonathan Lee, Bro Rodney L. White and Bro Lord T. Walthour. In December of 2010, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter created the Alpha Lights program, a mentoring and education program designed and implemented by the Sigma Alpha Lambda Foundation, Inc. The initiative continues the fraternity’s decades-long commitment to supporting the habits of mind and intellectual capacities of young people by encouraging a successful secondary school and college experience.