The 2nd APEC Workshop on Small and Medium PV System Database in the APEC Region

23 OCT 2017


08:30 Registration

09:00 Workshop/Project Overview

Dr. David Parlevliet

Project Leader 
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Thailand 

09:10 Opening Session, Welcoming Speech

Dr. Tom H.T. Lee

APEC Expert Group on New and Renewable Energy Technologies 

09:20 Opening Speech

Mrs. Munlika Sompranon

Director of Energy Cooperation Section
Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency 
Ministry of Energy, Thailand 

09:30 Keynote – IEA PVPS Task 13

Overview on the Implementation of PV System Database

Dr. David Parlevliet

School of Engineering & Information Technology
Merdoch University, Perth, Australia 

10:00 Coffee Break

Invited Presentation:

10:20 Small and Medium Scale PV System Data Collection and Analysis

Dr. Nor Zaini Ikrom Zakaria

Faculty of Applied Sciences
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

10:40 Database, Data Analytics, and Data Utilization for PV Systems

Associate Prof. Dr. Chun-Liang Tung

Department of Information Management
National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Chinese Taipei

Project Update and Sharing of Experience for Small and Medium PV System Data Collection and Database:

11:00 Dr. Eko Adhi Setiawan, Indonesia

11:15 Dr. Ahmad Maliki bin Omar, Malaysia

11:30 Dr. Sulak Sumitsawan, Thailand

11:45 Dr. Dung Phan Quoc, Vietnam

12:00 Ms. Staci Sadoyama, USA

  • Speakers will share the progress of the project and demonstration of PV database on the topic of data input, analytics, and issues.
  • Speakers will share their update, experiences and suggestions on the data collection and data input to the Database.

12:15 Q&A

12:30 Lunch


13:30 Group Breakout: Database Sustainability Strategies

  • Briefing for Break-up session
  • The outcome of this session is to identify solutions for project operation and continuity. Participants will be divided into 2 groups to discuss details of the following sub-topics:

Group 1: Network – Collaboration, Activities

  • Group Chair: Dr. Sulaiman Bin Shaari, Malaysia
  • Group Secretary: Dr. Sulak Sumitsawan, Thailand

Group 2: Resources – Facility, Equipment, Capacity Building, Funding

  • Group Chair: Dr. Ahmad Maliki bin Omar, Malaysia
  • Group Secretary: Dr. Hathaithip Ninsonti, Thailand

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Way forward for Small and Medium PV System Database in the APEC Region with Questions and Answer

Session Chai: Dr. Sulaiman Bin Shaari, Malaysia

  • Based on the group discussion during the breakout session, representatives from each group will present their ideas and conclusions. A way forward for the operation of the project will be determined.

17:00 Wrap up

Session Chair: Dr. Worajit Setthapun, Thailand

  • The session chair will provide feedback and recommendations on issues, database structure, analysis, and reporting. All the feedback will be compiled for troubleshooting.

18:00 Welcome Dinner