Meteorology and climatology sciences are taught across a number of undergraduate courses and research higher degree levels within the School of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Queensland. Throughout these


An introduction to climatology and meteorology is provided by second year geographical sciences courses (GEOS2100 and GEOS2101). More advanced studies are offered by GEOS3108 and individual research topics (GEOS3400).

Furthermore, GEOS2100 offers the Lake Maroon field trip to provide students with a hands-on experience to observational meteorology. These courses can be undertaken as part of a B.Sc., BAdvSc(Hons), B.A., BEnvMan., and BEnvSc(Hons) degree programs and form part of the Geographical Sciences major under the B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Hons) programs.

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Research Higher Degree

Students have the unique opportunity to develop research skills and knowledge across a range of programs in collaboration with the AORG. Expertise across a wide range of observationally focused topics is offered including paleoclimatology, severe weather, mountain meteorology, coastal and tropical, and micro meteorology. Furthermore, students are provided the opportunity to engage with industry, government and academia to develop their career pathway. Exciting opportunities exist for students to participate in current PhD and Staff research across Australia and internationally.

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