User manual to access AOL mail login without interruptions

AOL is a webmail organization that provides authentic email services such as news, email, entertainment, and many more. It is important to understand that it is a web-based email service that is offered by AOL. Sometimes the AOL mail is also known as AIM Mail is that is an instant messaging service. The company offers services for free or paid versions available for you. The paid plans have something important features that include customer support services whereas the free plans only offer online services. The AOL services include email, internet, and other online websites that run into issues and works well to fix AOL Mail Login concerns.

How to find my aol mail login screen name?

The aol desktop gold login, username along screen name are just the same thing. Much before, the users for the AOL mail login platform could easily add up to seven more usernames to the account and you can then easily find out the aol mail login screen name on the account page

System requirement for Aol Site-

In order to access aol webmail services, you need to use a supported operating system along with a web browser to avail the best of experience with AOL products and services. While Internet Explorer may still work it is no longer supported by Microsoft and cannot be updated. If you want a more reliable trusted service with AOL products then it is recommended to download the Supported web browser to access aol mail login webpage without interruptions.

Operating system to work with aol mail login platform

  • Windows 7 and the recent versions of the software: This version works best with the latest for Edge, Firefox, safari, chrome, and AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Mac OS X and newer: It works best with the latest or updated versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

The Operating systems that work with the AOL mobile app:

AOL mail on the mobile works well on iOS 9.3 or the later versions and if we talk about the android then android 4.4 or the later versions are the best.

What is aol mail settings SMTP?

  • ServerAddress:

  • Username: Your AOL Mailscreen name

  • Password: Your AOL Maillogin password.

  • Port Number: 587 (With TLS)

  • Alternative Port Number: 465 (With SSL)

  • Authentication: Required.

  • Sending Limits: 500 Emails a day or 100 connections a day.

How to access Aol Email login for Verizon customers?

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon from the Home screen. After this, you need to tap on the “Mail List” option.

  2. Tap on the “Accounts” option and click on the “Add accounts” option.

  3. You just need to tap on the “AOL” icon and enter the credentials associated with Verizon.

  4. After this, you now have to tap on the “Next” button.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Point to understand: If any confusion in the steps that are mentioned above then it is recommended to visit

Aol login problems-

Be it Aol Email login Page for USA, UK, and Canada, there can be many issues that can occur while accessing the AOL mail login page and these errors are discussed in this section along with the solutions to fix the error.

  • Authentication Problem:

  1. First of all, you need to update the browser settings in order to fix the AOL login problems.

  2. Just configure the settings on the Edge in order to clear the data.

  3. Now go to the “More settings” option in the MS Edge and tap on the “What to Clear from the Clear Browsing data” to solve the issues related to aol mail login.

  4. Tap on the checkbox that you wish to delete and select the “Clear” option to fix authentication problems.

  5. You need to follow the on-screen guidelines on the

  • AOL mail can’t sign in:

  1. First of all, you need to login again and recheck the credentials that you have entered.

  2. If you are unable to sign in then turn it off and on again.

  3. Make sure to reset the web settings on

  4. Install the numerous browsers that can cause web settings to change.

  5. Follow the instructions and make sure to enable the Java Applet scripting.

AOL mail login cannot change the password:

  1. First of all, just try to sign in to the AOL account and select the “Logout from All devices” option from the “Settings” menu.

  2. In the next step make sure you have not sent any contacts via AOL mail.

  3. Just check if your credit card is in access, if yes then block the account.

  4. Log in to the AOL account after 24 hours and try to change the password.

  5. If the error still persists then try to change the attached credit card.

  • password is not working:

  1. First of all, you need to press the “Caps Lock” key to fix the password issue. Make sure you enter the password correctly.

  2. You have to update the auto-fill settings on the web browser.

  3. If the problem still persists, just reset the password.

  4. Now, navigate the sign-in helper option and then select any of the Recovery options.

  5. Just select the “Continue” button and follow the instructions that appear on-screen.

  1. First of all, you need to remove the AOL account and add it.

  2. Select the Settings option that is available in the “Calendar” app.

  3. Just select the “Manage accounts” option after the “Delete an account” option.

  4. In the next step, you have to tap on the AOL account and delete it from the device to fix the login issues.

  5. You have to add the account after a few minutes and check the issue is resolved.

  6. Navigate to the mailbox sync settings under the settings menu and verify the details.

  7. Follow the instructions to complete the process and call the technical experts to fix the AOL login issues.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

By now we hope that the sections discussed in this article will give you insights to fix aol mail login error or the issues. However, if you still have queries and issues related to the topic then it is strongly suggested to visit the official website for and get assistance for the same.