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AOL Mail login and sign up-

Looking for a one-stop destination where you can not only avail of the basic emailing services but also discover the world by navigating to different tabs? Look up to AOL for getting all those amazing features at your fingertips. At AOL, you can discover what is happening around the world, learn about politics, stay updated with the COVID-19 news, get details on sports, alongside using the great email service. even if you do not have an AOL mail login account, then also you can get your hands on these services. However, to enjoy the emailing facilities, one should sign up and log in to his account immediately.

System requirement for AOL Site

Before navigating to the AOL Site and accessing the AOL products and features, check the system requirements for AOL first:

  • Windows 7 and above and same for the basic version

  • Mac OS X and above and for Basic Mac OS X and Above

  • Android 4.4 or above or iOS 9.3 or above

If your device is running on the previous versions of the Operating system as mentioned above, then you should upgrade to the latest ones in order to continue using AOL.

AOL sign up - Go through the easy registration

By signing up, you can avail of the following AOL products and services- So, sign up now:

  1. For signing up, go to

  2. Scroll down and choose “Create an account”

  3. Feed the requested personal and contact details

  4. Choose your gender and date of birth

  5. Read the terms and privacy policy of AOL before tapping continue

  6. Click “Continue” if you agree to them

  7. If you receive a verification code, feed that too

Let’s check out the steps for AOL mail login

To get basic AOL webmail services at your fingertips, follow the easy steps that follow:

  1. For direct AOL sign in, visit

  2. If this page doesn’t open, go to

  3. Feed your username and click “next”

  4. Type your password or the verification code sent by AOL

  5. Click “Sign In” to access your AOL account

AOL Email login for Verizon customers

Those Verizon customers who have been looking for a way to log in to their accounts or those who are looking for the AOL Email login Page for USA, UK and Canada should use the method written above. Since Verizon merged its services with AOL a long ago, Verizon customers should to access their accounts.

An AOL screen name is not necessarily your username. Your AOL screen name can be edited as many times as you want and can be customized according to your needs. To edit your screen name:

  1. Go to the AOL mail login page and sign in

  2. Look for the AOL mail settings tab and open it

  3. Choose “Edit” present at the top-right corner

  4. Type your new screen name

  5. Click “Save” to update the information

  6. You may need to go to the “Compose” settings to edit your display name.

AOL mail account or username recovery method

If you have forgotten the username of your AOL account, then you should use the method for AOL account recovery listed below:

1. Go to from your browser

2. Select the “Forgot username?” recovery link

3. Enter one of the following account recovery details:

  • Mobile number/ sign-in email ID

  • Recovery phone number

  • Or, the recovery email address

4. Click “Continue” after feeding the details

5. On the chosen option, AOL will send you a recovery link

6. Open that link before it gets expired

7. Provide the requested information and follow some prompts

8. Create your new username and save it

AOL password reset or change

Resetting AOL login password

It is quite easy if you want to know the AOL mail login forgot password reset process. Here is how it goes:

1. Begin by going to the official AOL mail login page

2. Feed your AOL mail username and click “Next”

3. Choose “Forgot password?” on the next page

4. Feed the apt information for receiving the password reset link

5. Look for the reset link and tap on it

6. You will be redirected to the password reset page

7. Create a new password and confirm it by entering it once again

Changing AOL sign in password

If you wish to change the sign-in password of your account, refer to the following section:

1. Open the AOL mail login page on your account

2. Log in to your account

3. Tap on the “menu” icon and choose “Account security”

4. Select “change password” in blue fonts

5. Enter a new password and enter the current password as well

6. Click “Continue” for saving the details

Fix AOL login problems

Login issues cannot be avoided sometimes and due to these issues, you can miss out on essential tasks. Therefore, it is recommended to fix these issues in the shortest possible time:

  • To avoid authentication errors, one should re-check the login details he feeds in

  • If AOL login site is not responding, either wait for some time or use another web browser

  • If you see “access denied” error, then you should immediately reset it as someone might have hacked your account

  • Ensure cleaning browser history, cache, and cookies of your device by going to the device settings

  • Turn off any active anti-virus or firewall on your device

  • App users should verify if it is updated or not.

AOL Mail login or AIM login should be done a regular basis to check the activities done through your account. We have tried to cover different topics in this article to make it convenient for you.

AOL Mail FAQs-

How do I access my AOL email?

To access your AOL mail account, you should go to the mail login page of AOL and click on the “Login/Join” option at the top. You will be directly logged in if you haven’t logged out in the previous session. Else, feed your username and password and tap “Next.”

Why can't I sign into my AOL email?

If you are unable to sign in, you must be entering wrong or incomplete login details or the AOL site might be unresponsive. Wait for a while, check the system requirements, or switch to another web browser for logging in.

Can I access my old AOL email?

To access your old AOL emails, you should log in using your AOL email login credentials. If you do not remember the login details of your old email account, then you should recover the username or the password which you do not remember.

Why is my AOL email not working on iPhone?

The AOL app you are using on your iPhone must be outdated. Besides this, you might have incorrectly configured the mail settings of AOL while syncing the AOL email client on your iPhone. Please make sure that you regularly update your iPhone to avoid facing login issues.

Can I have two AOL email accounts?

Yes, a user can have to AOL email account but there is one condition that he needs to have two valid phone numbers or email addresses which are required for the registration purpose. If you do not have two phone numbers, AOL could not verify your identity as a new user.