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A guide to AOL Mail login and how to fix AOL Blerk ERROR 1

AOL Mail has been playing a huge role in the life of email evolution but ironically, it has seen extreme downfalls throughout its life. Even though it came out stronger every time, things led to AOL getting sold to Verizon, which later turned out to be the most effective decision for the brand. And today AOL is providing exclusive online services that have feasibility and stands out from any other online service provider. However, being a technical product, it can never stay away from faults. One of which, will be extensively discussed in this read along with its causes and troubleshooting steps. You’ll also get to know the steps to AOL Mail login and a few issues that AOL users have most-encountered over time.

How can you perform AOL Mail login or Sign up?

Well, AOL Mail is one of the best email service providers that exist, and given below are the steps that you can undergo for the AOL Mail login procedure (assuming you already have an account):

  1. Begin with getting inside the official website by AOL Mail.

  2. Once you’re in, locate and go to the “Login/Join” key.

  3. Use you AOL Mail credentials for the login process.

  4. End it either by the “Enter” key or by the “Sign-in” option.

Note: There might be issues that you face if you somehow fail to put in the correct or the valid credentials. But, always remember that AOL Mail will walk right beside you and help you solve them.

Know some of the common issues that AOL users face

Go through the following to know about the usual problems that have been reported by AOL users across the globe:

  • Authentication errors

  • Affected responsiveness of the site

  • Denying of account access

  • Message prompts for errors

  • Invalidity of account credentials

Now, these are just the titles under which the real issues are characterized. So let’s take a look at the steps to resolve the most common glitches that users experience with their AOL Mail login accounts:

Fix “forgot AOL password”

1. Get into the official AOL sign-in page.

2. Type in your username and go for “Next”.

3. Now, choose “I forgot my password”.

4. Get into the “Recover via Email Address” link.

5. Check the mailbox for an AOL received email.

6. Submit the code to verify and hit on “Continue”.

7. Reset to a newly created password, hit “Continue”.

Mail not working on iPhone

1. Reset all your network settings.

2. Go for the airplane mode- On and Off.

3. Get inside the App Store and get the app.

Slow loading of AOL Mail

1. The browsing history cache must be cleaned.

2. Turn off the systems’ installed anti-virus.

3. See to having good internet connectivity.

4. Wait for the server to save the changes.

5. Look after the web browser update.

Obstacles in sending emails

1. Post-sign out, you should go for a device reboot.

2. Having good internet connectivity is a must.

3. Try using a browser other than the one you use.

4. Turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker.

5. Ensure a clean browser history without cache.

What is Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail?

The AOL Blerk ERROR 1 is commonly defined as a problem with authentication that users have reported encountering while they attempt to sign in to their accounts with their registered username/ID and password. It is said to occur resulting from some specific browser settings. And that is an outcome when you are using an older version or an outdated version of the browser. It has been noticed to occur in any device that is compatible with AOL Mail. You’ll know it’s a Blerk ERROR 1 as and when it shows a message alert such as “AOL Mail Blerk ERROR 1” or “Blerk your sign-in got derailed”.

What are the causes of Blerk ERROR 1?

Now that you know what Blerk ERROR 1 is, it is time to understand the major reasons that lead up to the issue. Read through the following points to be aware of them and try preventing them:

  • If your in-use web browser has lost its sheen and is outdated

  • If the cookies and cache from your browsing history is not cleaned

  • If, for some reason, the in-use device is not compatible with AOL

  • Saved and unsafe bookmarks can bring up the problem too

Understand how to fix Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail?

You know there is a solution when you see a problem as both of them goes hand-in-hand. And just like that, there is a solution to the times when you encounter the Blerk ERROR 1 issue. Given below are the steps to overcome the issue:

1. Start with adjusting the settings on your in-use web browser, which might be the major reason for the error.

2. AOL has been changing its URL over the years and an old saved bookmark needs to be updated for fixing it.

3. AOL recommended that you use any latest version of the in-use browser other than the Internet Explorer.


AOL is still a thriving online service provider and AOL mail is still the most-used and most appreciated product by the brand. It has been through a lot, which led to giving out ownership to Verizon. AOL today has several products and services that it offers to existing users and potential users. The above-detailed read focuses on helping you with the AOL Mail login procedure, the common issues that users face, troubleshooting measures, and a detailed elaboration of the Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail, that is known to be a technical hindrance caused by a simple authentication glitch, along with its troubleshooting steps.