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There are hundreds of free online games on Games on You can access them by visiting You don't need to pay to play them but you required to make an account there. You can do much more as you can provide feedback and share the games with Facebook or Twitter handles.

To provide feedback to a game or report an issue, just tap on the “Play game” option on which you want to report. After this, tap on the “Info” icon and click on the “Report issue”.

Enter the feedback along with the email address and tap on “Post Idea”. To share the games on Twitter and Facebook handles, tap on the “Play game” that you wish to share.

After this, just select the social media handle. Just sign in and follow the instructions to share the game.

Play AOL Games Online

Once you have signed in to the AOL games account, you need to sort the games you wish to play by choosing the category on the menu and then selecting the games from the board such as board games, card games, casino games, puzzles, and more. Once you have selected the game to play just tap and start playing.

Chat with players

With AOL games you can play a game and chat with your friends online at the same time. While playing a game, you will see a chat window popping up on the screen and this will allow playing and chatting between the players of the same game. If you wish to chat with others, just enter the name of the player in the box and tap on the “Send” option.

Wrapping up

For more details and the information about the latest trending games, you can visit the official website of AOL Games online. For uninterrupted gaming experience play games on the AOL Games website. Moreover, you can visit the website for an assortment of addictive games that are available online. AOL games 2020 will provide relevant gaming content that you are looking for.