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Windows 10 is one among the newest operating systems that Microsoft has released. This OS provides users with the newest and advanced technology. The features that this OS provides has been an enormous advantage to the people that are using this OS but at an equivalent time, the users also encounter some issues with it. Being highly advanced in technology doesn't make the software resistant to malfunctions. Download AOL Desktop Gold is additionally one such highly effective software. There are several issues that are registered by users that they need been encountering malfunctions with AOL Desktop Gold after they need downloaded Windows 10.

Users can take up two ways by which they will solve this issue. One method is by accurately following the knowledge that has been given on this blog and therefore the other is by connecting with the customer care team, where they might provide you with the effective process of solving the difficulty . taking over any of the give two methods would successfully assist you in solving the difficulty that you simply have encounter .

The process that must be undertaken so as to unravel this issue

There are a couple of things that one should confine mind once they are using the AOL Desktop Gold software or while facing any issues with this software.

Method 1: confirm that you simply are using the newest version of the software, if not upgrade to the newest version of the software and obtain better services. you'll also navigate to the official website of AOL then compare the installed version with the newest version. If you discover that it doesn't match then promptly download the newest version from the advantages section of your AOL account.

Method 2: make sure that your internet connection is functioning properly which you're having strong internet connectivity. Internet connection is important to utilize all the services which are offered by AOL. AOL Gold are often used as an internet browser, email, and other services. Every feature needs an honest internet connection and hence an honest internet connection is very important once you use the AOL Desktop Gold software.

Method 3: Scan your system for any quite suspicious file. Run an entire scan on your system, which might detect and take away any virus, malware or threat that's present on your system. Presence of any malicious file also can corrupt or damage AOL Desktop Gold folders on your system. If this is often the case, then you'd need to use good antivirus software to get rid of all those files. Also, confirm that you simply have some space free on your disk drive , clear some space by removing the unwanted files.

Method 4: Check and update the drivers that are installed on your computing system to form sure that you simply have an error-free experience of using the software.

Method 5: Reinstalling the software would also make sure that you recover from the compatibility issue. you'd need to uninstall the previous version then install the newest version from the advantages section on your AOL account.

Method 6: you're also given the choice of returning back to the previous version of your OS .

By following the steps that are given to you above, you'd efficiently be ready to handle the matter that you simply are facing. If you see that even after following the given steps you'll not find relief to the matter , then it might be ideal for you to redo the method of AOL Gold Download Center. this is able to offer you a chance to rectify the difficulty that had come up. you'll also connect with the customer care to urge detailed guidance on accurately downloading the program.