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AOL Desktop Gold is a pioneer desktop software technology created by AOL. It’s a simple, all-in-one desktop that lets users mail, browse, and search content, and a lot more. AOL Desktop Gold is a mixture of all the activities that users appreciate, whether they want to email their friends and family, play games, browse the internet, and more.

The users are advised to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on their devices to access the features and services offered by AOL. Also, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems. Apart from being one of the best applications still some users fail to access the features offered by AOL. Therefore, the users facing Why is AOL Desktop Gold not working are advised to follow the troubleshooting steps provided below to fix the issue.

Common Issues of AOL Desktop Gold

Following mentioned below are the most common issues of AOL Desktop Gold. Therefore, the users are suggested to scroll down and check the details provided below. Moreover, the users can easily fix the issue. However, if any user fails to resolve the issue, they are advised to get in touch with the experts to fix the problem.

  • AOL Desktop Gold Update Issue

  • AOL Desktop Gold discontinued

  • Login error

  • AOL Desktop Gold account missing in the address book

  • Issue while creating AOL Desktop Gold account

  • Manage AOL desktop Gold

  • An issue with removing AOL Desktop Gold from the system

  • AOL Desktop Gold not responding

  • Contacts missing in AOL Desktop Gold

  • AOL Desktop Gold subscription expired

  • An issue with managing news feed in AOL Desktop Gold.

System Requirements for AOL Desktop Gold

The users are advised to ensure that there should be at least 512 MB of free space on their hard drive and run Windows 7 or newer to download Desktop Gold on their system.

Other system requirements:

• The system must have 1 GB RAM

• Strong and stable Internet connection

• The Internet Explorer 7+ should be there

• The system processor should be 266 MHz or faster

• Screen resolution: The system’s screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 or higher recommended

Benefits of AOL Desktop Gold

Following discussed are some of the benefits of the AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Automatic update: It has an automatic update feature that updates the AOL Desktop Gold automatically.

  • Advanced Technology: The advanced technology helps to boost performance and speed.

  • Two-screen verification: This feature helps to guard the user against hackers.

  • Font and text option: The users can customize the font according to their requirements.

  • Update web browsing: It safeguards the user’s personal information against dangerous malware.

Features of AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a feature-filled application due to which it has been used by millions of people across the world and has become their favorite. Thus, have a look at some of the features of AOL Desktop Gold.

Desktop Icon

This feature enables the users to create the icon shortcut and access AOL from there. Also, it makes it simple for all users to have easy access to the software through the app instead of accessing it from the web browser.

Easy Download and Install

The users who are using the AOL desktop Gold for the first time will have to download and install it on their device by visiting the official website of AOL. The users are recommended to ensure that the device meets the system requirements to download the software.

Document printing

The users can print any documents with AOL in a hassle-free manner.

Automatic Update

The users don’t have to be worried about updating the software every time when the latest version is available. Thus, the users only have to enable the automatic update in their AOL software and let the software do it for them.

Security and alert warnings

The encrypted security and alert warning process keep the user’s device and data protected against hackers.

Why is AOL Desktop Gold not working?

Mentioned below are some of the quick and easy troubleshooting steps to easily fix the issue. So, scroll down and apply the steps provided below.

Check and update the application

If there is an error with the software, then it would fail to download the updates. So, the users are recommended to check and confirm whether any software updates available have to be completed.

General Settings

Whenever the user updates the windows or any other application, some changes are made to the system settings. Hence, these changes may affect the functioning of the AOL Desktop Gold. Therefore, the users are advised to check that there are no changes in the settings that are interrupting the working of AOL desktop Gold. Also, the users are advised to restore settings when AOL was working.

Check the Add-ons

It is possible that the add-ons installed on the system are not compatible with the AOL Desktop Gold. So, the users are suggested to disable the add-ons and scan the system to fix the issue.

Hence, these were the troubleshooting steps to fix the AOL Desktop Gold not working issue. However, if any user fails to resolve the problem should contact the professionals for assistance.