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AOL Desktop Gold is a single destination for all AOL services. Here you will get AOL Email, AOL Browser, AOL Instant Messenger, etc in just one place. So, it becomes so easy to access and use all AOL services and features by using single software. The process to download AOL Desktop Gold is not so difficult; stay with the article for a complete setup guide of AOL Desktop Gold download. You may need to fulfill few system requirements for AOL Desktop and an AOL account to access the AOL Gold download software. Let’s head to cover all necessary topics related to the AOL Gold download. "covid-19"

System Requirements for AOL Desktop Gold

Follow the checklist given below to meet the system requirements for AOL Desktop Download.

  • Processor speed must be 266 MHz or above.

  • RAM must be at least 1024MB and systems memory should have at least 512 MB free space.

  • Make sure that you have connected your device over a high-speed internet connection.

  • You should have a trusted browser to download like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.

  • AOL Desktop Gold is available in different versions depending on the type of your operating system. So, first, identify which type of Operating System your system supports like Windows or Mac.

  • It will be better if you will have a system with screen resolution 1024*768 pixels.

Note: After going through the above checklist you will be able to move forward with the AOL Desktop download. But before that, you will need to sign up on the AOL Desktop Gold site. So, let’s visit the steps to sign up for AOL Desktop Gold. "covid-19"

Sign up for AOL Desktop Gold

To complete the AOL Desktop Download sign-up process you will need to go through the steps that are mentioned below.

  1. Using a device, visit the AOL Desktop Gold home page

  2. Now, head to sign up with AOL

  3. Look for the AOL “Sign up” button tap on it

  4. Now, fill in the new account form

  5. Then, create an AOL username and password

  6. Finally, a new for AOL account will be created successfully

Note: This new account can be used to avail of all AOL services. Just memorize it properly to use it further. Now, we can move on to begin the downloading and installation process for AOL Desktop Gold.

Steps for AOL Desktop Gold: Download & Install

  1. Using your device, navigate to AOL Desktop download page

  2. Log in using your AOL credentials before beginning the download process

  3. On the home page, you will see a “Download AOL Gold” link, tap on it

  4. Now, you will be asked to check the system requirements for the software (ignore if already done)

  5. Then, on the same page, click on the “Install Now” link

  6. Now, it will start downloading the software automatically

  7. You may have to wait until your AOL download process has not been completed

  8. Now, navigate to the file location

  9. You will need to install it manually; so, click on the “Setup” file

  10. Then, follow the prompts shown on your screen and finish the installation process

Note: You will need to purchase prime membership if you want to access the AOL Desktop or AOL Gold install services. You can ignore it if you are a prime member already.

How to purchase AOL Gold Subscription?

You may be asked to buy AOL Gold subscription plans if you have to download the AOL Desktop Gold Software and thinking about starting to use it. And also, you may need to pay $4.99 to start using AOL Desktop Gold services and features. Look at the steps to buy a subscription for AOL Gold.

  1. Navigate to the AOL Gold subscription plan page

  2. Then, choose a plan according to your need of usages

  3. Then, make payment to complete the purchase

  4. Finally, the plan will be added and activated on your account

Note: After completing the above steps you will be able to use AOL Desktop Gold services. So, you are all set to enjoy AOL Gold services.


In short, AOL Desktop Gold is the all-in-one software that offers all AOL services in one place. This article will help you to complete the download and install process for AOL Desktop Gold software. For more information, you may need to visit AOL official website. To start using AOL Email, Browser, and Instant Messenger in one place, you will need to download and install AOL Desktop Gold; Click on the “Install Now” button.