Gilan Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon in Gilan

One of the most beautiful Lagoons Landscapes in Gilan is Anzali Lagoon. With an area of ​​about 20,000 hectares in northern Iran, located in Gilan province. The Anzali Lagoon is considered to be one of the coolest and largest natural habitats of Iranian herbivores, and is home to a large number of birds coming to Iran from northern neighboring countries each year. Anzali LagoonLagoon is not comparable with any of Iran's Lagoons because of its geographical location due to its high humidity and water quality. This lagoon is a spawning site for aquatic animals and sheltered by native and migratory birds. There are beautiful islands within the lagoon and there are two beautiful Anzali and Abkenar beautiful beaches on the beach. The Anzali Lagoon has the decree refining for rivers that sink into the Caspian Sea. It has a unique ecosystem with more than 100 bird species, 50 species of fish and hundreds of plant species.

About Anzali Lagoon

The maximum depth of the lagoon water is 2.5 m in the spring and in the western part of the Lagoon, which varies due to fluctuations in the Caspian Sea surface. One of the most beautiful blue scenery in the area is Anzali International Lagoon.

There are beautiful islands within the lagoon, and there are two beautiful cities on the coast of Antarctica and Abkenar. Anzali lagoon with an area of 180 to 200 square kilometers has the decree for refineries for rivers that sink into the Caspian Sea.

Anzali lagoon has been protected from international Lagoons since 1974 and is the most important source of stony and bony fish production in the Caspian Sea.

The Lagoon, which is considered to be the Coastal Lagoon, has 11 main rivers that have been planted after irrigation of many farms. About 30 sub-and smaller rivers also play water well in the Lagoon. In fact, these rivers flow into the Anzali Lagoon, which is the decree of a refinery, and then pours into the Caspian Sea through a shipping channel.

Anzali Lagoon Beauty: Marine tulips, water lilies

Anzali Lagoon Beauty: Marine tulips, water lilies and the vast marshland surrounding the lagoon create magnificent scenery that will make the eyes of any viewer obscure. The season of growing these summer plants. From the end of June each year, the sea lilies of the lagoon are taken out of the water and float over water. Boating among these beautiful plants will bring great pleasure to you.

There are beautifully lilacs in the place of this wet pond that dance to the rippling water. In the corners of the Anzali lagoon, the fortresses and sea lilies create an eye-catching view.

Anzali Birds Lagoon

Anzali International Lagoons has been attracting innumerable domestic travelers and foreign tourists every year. This Lagoon has a special environment due to plants, animals and morphology, and the shape of the seafront and the riverside regime. The most famous herb of Anzali Lagoon, which has a worldwide reputation, is "lilacs Lagoon", which calls the lagoon as the Lagoon-Tulip Lagoon. The biodiversity of the Lagoon has made it suitable for studying birds. Herons, Ducks, Great Ducks, Blackheads, Little Nutcrackers, Kakashi, etc. are the birds of this lagoon. The Lagoon plants are divided into three submerged, floating plants and marginal plants. This Lagoon is located in the southwest of the Caspian Sea coast in the province of Guilan, at 28 to 37 northeast, and extending from 25 to 49 east, and from the north to Anzali, from To the south of the city is the somesarah, east to the Pirbazar, and to the west to Kapoorchal and anzali abkenar.

Anzali Lagoon water range near to the Caspian Sea

Anzali Lagoon includes four water ponds. Gulf of Kapoorhal in the western part, the Black Lagoon Coast in the southwest and the Sheikhan Lagoon in the eastern and central parts of the country. Each of the four sections has many differences in terms of morphological, geographic and physico-chemical characteristics. The Anzali lagoon is connected to the Caspian Sea through a shipping channel supported by two breakwater at Anzali harbor facilities. It is interesting to know that the Khashiro Lagoon in the National Park of Kashiro Shitsugn in Japan is known as the sister of the Anzali Lagoon in the world.

Anzali Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and most important Lagoons in the country. According to most environmental experts in the country, this international Lagoon is typical not only in Iran but also in the world and has a high biological diversity. This Lagoon is one of the country's freshwater lagoons, where unique landscapes can be seen. Due to its amazing sights and, of course, the biodiversity of this lagoon, this place has been named as one of the most popular nature tourism destinations for nature and tourists.

In Anzali lagoon, there are several protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries that are rare species of life birds and fish.Salke Wildlife sanctuary, Sarkhankul wildlife sanctuary and Black Sea Region protected area.

Sarkhankul Lagoon (Sorkhankel protected area) is part of the Anzali logoon complex, located in the middle of it. Since the tourism pulse of the lagoon is at the end of this region, it is unlikely to be the Sarkhankul as the only way to reach the lilies of the water. Migratory birds such as swans, goose, chinchar, and ducks, peacock, yelwa, and kakai also live in the winter.

The Azolla, Sekulekhiz,water lilies and marshland, the most predominant species of which is Ney and Levy. The area of ​​flowering of lotus flowers is considered as one of the main places for laying otters and chicks of marine swallows in Anzali Lagoon.

Best time to visit the lagoon

Due to the growth of the pond flowers in the spring, the best season for the spring season is especially good in June.

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