ANZAC Day Gallipoli

ANZAC Day Cemetery

ANZAC Day, observed on April 25th each year, is a national day of war remembrance in both New Zealand and Australia. ANZAC Day commemorations, marches and events are held all over the world by expat Australians and New Zealanders and by those nations military service personnel deployed both domestically and internationally.

ANZAC Day annually marks the first significant military action fought by Australian and New Zealand soldiers during The Great War (World War 1) where they faced the German backed Ottomans on the Gallipoli peninsula in what is now known as Turkey.

After landing on the beach at the now renamed ANZAC Cove on April 25th in 1915 the ANZAC and Allied soldiers gained ground at the expense of lives as the ANZAC Legend was born on the battlegrounds of Gallipoli .

Their Name Liveth for Evermore - Lest we Forget!

ANZAC Day Turkish Cemetery

ANZAC Day Gallipoli-Turkish cemetary

The Turkish Government works hard to preserve all the battlefield monuments and in recent years have made extensive repairs and renovations to their own war remembrance memorials at Gallipoli.

ANZAC Day Piper


The famous bag pipes and their haunting melodies resonate during the first light of the morning on ANZAC Day as the suns rays begin to light up the waters of the Aegean Sea

ANZAC Day Cannon

ANZAC Day Gallipoli-Cannon

Old munitions and weapons can still be spotted here and their in the region. This solitary cannon sits forever watching over the Galipoli Peninsula from a position behind the British Memorial.

ANZAC Cove Gallipoli

Known as "Beach Z" and as the allies preferred landing point at Gallipoli, the Ottoman title was actually Ari Burnu. In 1985 the Turkish Government graciously agreed to rename the bay as ANZAC Cove (In Turkish - Anzak Koyu)

Now a wonderfully serene place of natural beauty, its hard to imagine what it would've been like in 1915 where to the troops on the ground it was a place of hurt, disease, and death. The ANZACS , of all the allied soldiers at Gallipoli, developed an almost primordial bond with the area, a bond that now also exists within the general public of Australia and New Zealand.

As the popularity of tourism to the area increased, particularly on ANZAC Day the site for the memorable and moving Gallipoli Dawn Service has now been moved to a more suitable location just a few hundred metres around the bay to what is know as North Beach and on ANZAC Day as the Commemorative Zone.

A Greater Sacrifice Was Never Given - Lest we Forget!