Tour Calendar 2019

Ghostly and Macabre

Every other Friday, October-March

Join our Ghostly and Macabre Tours, at 6.30pm every other Friday, October-March, to explore the darker side of Bury St Edmunds. Come with us as we venture out on a dark winter’s night to chill you with tales of ghostly apparitions, foul murders, witchcraft and spooky sights and sounds. Dare to walk through the haunted churchyard and hear of the dastardly deeds committed there. Not for the faint-hearted! Adults £6, minimum age 14.

Ladies of the Town

Sunday, 31 March

Join us on Mothering Sunday for a walk around the centre of historic Bury St Edmunds to discover some of the movers and shakers of the town, who also happen to be women! Bury’s first woman councillor, an author whose books were made into big-screen movies, a legendary royal needlewoman and a famous art-deco artist will all be featured in this voyage of discovery. Adults £6, 0-16 Free.

Crime and Punishment

Friday, 10 May

Hear about the gruesome punishments of the past, from being burnt at the stake to being drowned in the ducking stool. Discover more about a grisly murder in the abbey, and the infamous William Corder, murderer of Maria Marten in the Red Barn, tried and hanged in Bury St Edmunds. Hear tales of local folk transported to the colonies for stealing a waistcoat, and drunks punished by being whipped around the marketplace. Not for the faint-hearted! Adults £6, 0-16 Free.

Hysterical Bury St Edmunds

Saturday, 18 May

A nasty Norseman (called Boneless), a saintly Saxon (with a big nose), the riotous rabble and many mean old monks make up the story of Bury St Edmunds. Talk Mum, Dad or the Grandmas into booking the family on to this activity trail around the heart of our VERY old town. An hour of hysterical historical (and sometimes hidden) stuff to do and see. Suitable for family groups with children aged 6 and above. No more than 4 children per one adult, please. Adults £7, Under-25s £5, Festival Friends £2 discount.

Brackland - The Long & Short of it

Sunday, 19 May

Enjoy the chance to explore the hidden secrets of this quaint area of the town. Historic people, dens of iniquity, buildings of intrigue, a place of survival. Experience a journey of damnation, salvation and reformation. Your interesting and enlightening guided tour will last around 90 minutes and finish at the Apex.

Who was Jocelin de Brakelond?

What was known as ‘Penny Street’?

Where is the Brackland war memorial?

Adults £10, Under-25s £5, Festival Friends £2 discount.

Beating The Bounds

Saturday, 25 May

Beating the bounds is an old custom, still kept in some parts of Britain, of marking the boundaries of a church parish by marching round them and hitting the ground, or certain boundary marks, with long sticks. The ceremony is performed once a year, usually on Ascension Day or before Easter. This tour will determine the popular boundary of the Abbey of St Edmund. Bury St Edmunds was once called St Edmunds Bury or 'Burg', meaning a fortified town, and previously Bedericesworth, or variations of that spelling.

Adults £10, Under-25s £5, Festival Friends £2 discount.

A Sideways Look

Sunday, 26 May

How often do you really look the town you're visiting, or have you ever passed an oddity or curiosity and wondered what on earth it was? Join us on this tour around the town, using novel standpoints, which will simultaneously surprise you, inform you and help you lift your gaze (safely) above head height!

Adults £10, Under-25s £5, Festival Friends £2 discount.

Georgian Bury

Friday, 14 June

In the eighteenth century Bury St Edmunds became a prosperous and fashionable town, and new properties were built or improved, reflecting this period of change. This was an era when the autumn social season was very important, and people flocked to the town to promenade and attend concerts and balls in the Athenaeum. In stark contrast to this elegance was the poverty suffered by many and reflected in the town’s workhouse and soup kitchens. On this tour we look at the handsome Georgian buildings throughout the town and tell you more about the lives of those who lived in them. Adults £6, 0-16 Free.