Internships in India

Welcome to the India-Internship webpage of the “Advanced Bachelor’s Programme International Co-operation” at University College Leuven – Limburg (UCLL) in Belgium. Both Belgian and international students can enrol in this English-language programme. On this webpage, you can watch interviews on the different internship places and the Indian experience. You can find the video clips via the links on the taskbar above or the hyperlinks in the text below.

India: a global laboratory

With more than one billion people, the Indian subcontinent boast a huge socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, religious, ethnic, geographic, and political diversity. The country is in full transition and constant change. You can, so to speak, see contemporary history take place in a time-lapse mode. On the one hand, India is a BRIC country in full economic growth; on the other hand, the country is facing enormous challenges. Thanks to these challenges, India has a lot of expertise in the fields of social work, health care, sustainable development, agriculture, environment, and community development.

Why go on a six-month internship in India?

India is anything but boring and full of surprises. As Europe and Belgium are becoming increasingly diverse, having learned to work and live in a very different context will be an important asset for your future life and career. You can go and specialise yourself in social engineering in various fields. After your diversity training in India, you will find it easier to deal with people from all walks of life in Belgium and around the world, both professionally and privately.

A diverse range of internship opportunities

We offer internships in mountain villages, cities, coastal towns and in the rainforest.

Kerala, known as God's own country, is famous for its tropical Malabar Coast and the Western Ghats mountain rainforest. On the coast (Alleppey) you can work on sustainable fishery, livelihood, and community radio development. In "Garden City" Trivandrum you can get familiar with sustainable waste prevention and recycling. In the rainforest (Peerumade) and in the mountains (Kumily) you can deepen yourself in community development, public health issues and sustainable agriculture.

In Chennai, you can contribute to supporting the living conditions of domestic workers (and their children) in India and of guest workers in the Middle East. If you want to gain experience in community-based wildlife conservation, you can also intern at an internationally renowned wildlife centre.

In Hyderabad, you can get an insight in solar energy and sustainable development. In “City of Joy” Kolkata, you can contribute to improving the livelihoods of rag pickers through projects related to education and microfinance.

Finally, in the north east of Uttar Pradesh, in the foothills of the Himalayas, you can specialise in areas such as women's empowerment, sustainable development, and solar energy.

What profiles are we looking for?

Given the diverse range of internships we are looking for journalists, communication and marketing specialists, economists, (bio-) engineers, social scientists, lawyers, linguists, healthcare professionals, social workers, psychologists, biologists, teachers, and so on.

Contact: Antoon Cox, 0485/12 00 63,

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