Here you will find my complete discography. Please take notice that this is not a list of available albums. Its purpose is merely biographical. A few albums are indeed available. For those that are, clicking on the image will take you to where the album can be downloaded or purchased. Some albums were produced but never released while others were made in poor conditions and/or were manufactured in small quantities strictly for keepsake purposes.

Cover art of the album New South American Discoveries, showing a peasant guiding a llama in front of the walls of the Sacsayhuaman castle in Cusco, Peru

My work "Icarus" is included in the album New South American Discoveries, by prestigious record label Harmonia Mundi, featuring the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the acclaimed Peruvian conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya.

Cover art of the album "Zapping: 3 musicales en 1", showing the characters of the tree musicals

My musical "Ensueño" is included in the album "Zapping: 3 musicales en 1", by Vodevil Producciones. With book and lyrics by Mario Mendoza, Ensueño takes place an otherwordly realm, where nothing is what it seems.

Cover art of the album "Texturas"; a portrait in ink of Franco Carranza, the album's main soloist

The album "Texturas", by Peruvian trumpet player Franco Carranza includes my piece "Imagenes de la Costa Peruana" as well as works by Peruvian composers Abraham Padilla and Sadiel Cuentas, all commissioned specifically for this album.

Picture of a scene of the Peruvian Film "La Amante del Libertador", showing Teresa, one of the main characters, while painting a portrait

Soundtrack of the Peruvian film "La Amante del Libertador", by Rocío Lladó, which tells the story of Lucia and her fight for the preservation of an old house haunted by the spirit of Teresa, a woman who who fought for the Emancipation of Peru.

Cropping of the poster of the Portuguese short film "Holly Popcorn"; it has the name of the film on top over a background of popcorn from which the cannon of a rifle sticks out

Soundtrack of the Portugese short film "Holy Popcorn", by Ramón De Los Santos. Performed by the orchestra of the Escola Profissional de Artes da Covilhã, and the choir of the Conservatório Regional de Música da Covilhã, under Rogério Peixinho.

Cover art of the album "Letters from Canada"; it is a simple drawing of a tree with the name Canada written on the bark and the words "letters" and "from" formed by the branches

A collection of pieces from the music I composed for the play "Los árboles mueren de pie", by Alejandro Casona. Comedy, drama, suspense and romance are all mixed up in a heartbreaking story about love and the courage to face life's hardest blows.

Cover art of the album "Música de Compositores Peruanos"; it shows the name of the album inside a box frame over a photo os a music score

The album "Música de Compositores Peruanos", produced by Universidad Católica del Peru and the National University of Music, includes the original version my piece "Paleodrama", recorded by Peruvian pianist Enriqueta Rojas.

Cropping of the poster of the film "La Prueba", with the name of the film on the bottom half and photos of the three main characters on top of it

Soundtrack of the Peruvian film "La Prueba", by Judith Velez, which tells the story of Miranda, a young woman determined to find her father, a fugitive from justice, because his blood type can save the life Miranda's brother Tomas.

Cropping of a photo of one of the paintings used in the play "The Picture of Dorian Gray", showing the face Dorian

"The Worship of the Senses", originally released in 2005 as "The Portrait of Dorian Gray". Music for a theatrical adaptation of Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", commissioned by Apéndice Producciones. Available for free at Jamendo.

Cover art of the album "Vanguard Premieres Volume 1 2003-2005"; it has the name of the album over a photo of an ink pen hold in front of a music score

My work "A-nir" for a-cappella choir, featured in this album, was awarded First Prize in the Vanguard Premieres Choral Composition Contest 2004, on the Emerging Composer's category and premiered in 2005 by Vanguard Voices at Dearborn, Michigan.

Roman mosaic showing a man in white robes, presumably a Caesar, with a woman to his right and a man to his left

Live recording of the music composed for a theatre play based on the book The Lives of the Caesars (De Vita Caesarum), by Roman historian Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, (commonly known as Suetonius). Commissioned by Apéndice Producciones.

Photo of a doll used in the play "The Crucible" with the title "Thou Shalt Not Dance" on the right top corner and the name of the composer on the right bottom corner

Music for the theatre play "The Crucible", by Arthur Miller, commissioned by Apéndice Producciones. The play is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials which Miller wrote as an allegory for McCarthyism.