Here you will find a complete list of my compositions. Use the filters on the table to search the catalog by year, title, type and website of publication (where appropriate).

If a link takes you to Cayambis Music Press and the work is not listed there it's because the score is still in preparation. Feel free to contact them for information as to when it will be available. The score of Icarus is available from Filarmonika only as rental material for concerts.

I also manage a few scores personally, some of which can be bought as PDF files, downloaded for free or simply viewed online. Feel free to contact me if you want access to a score which is not presently available for online purchase or free download.

The album of "The Worship of the Senses" is available for free at Jamendo. Other albums can be streamed from popular websites or purchased at several online stores.

Complaints regarding delivery, failed download, etc. must be filed to the appropriate vendor first. If you do not receive a response, feel free to contact me for assistance.