• Passive Investors and Audit Quality: Evidence from the US at European Accounting Review

with Florian Eugster (University of St. Gallen) and Ting Dong (SSE)

  • Managerial Incentives for Attracting Attention (2020) at European Financial Management

with Nino Papiashvilli (U. Ulm), María Gutiérrez Urtiaga (UC3M) and Josep A. Tribó (UC3M)

Working Papers

  • Mandatory ESG Reporting and Corporate Performance

with Sofia Martinez (SSE); invitation to resubmit at Journal of Accounting Research

  • When Employees have their Say on Capital Structure: Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment

with María Gutiérrez Urtiaga (UC3M) and Sofia Martinez (SSE)

  • Does More Liability Mean More Responsibility? The Effects of Director Liability in Financial Institutions

with Mariya Ivanova (SSE), Annalisa Prencipe (Bocconi) and Milda Tylaite (SSE)

  • Who is Keeping an Eye on Real Earnings Management?

with Beatriz García Osma (UC3M) and Cristina Grande-Herrera (Bayes Business School)

  • CEO Overboard! Corporate Performance Consequences of CEO Outside Board Participation

with Faiza Majid (UNSW)

  • Boards of Directors' Legal Incentives and Corporate Outcomes

with María Gutiérrez Urtiaga (UC3M)

  • The Unanticipated Consequences of Labor Regulation: Evidence from Earnings Management

with Beatriz García Osma (UC3M) and Cristina Grande-Herrera (Bayes Business School)


  • Board Connections and Financial Statement Comparability

with Sofia Martinez (SSE)

Other Working Papers

  • Do Institutional Investors Care about Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility?

with Silvina Rubio (Bristol University)