Anton Freund


I am a postdoc of Professor Ulrich Kohlenbach in the Logic Group at TU Darmstadt. Before, I was a PhD student of Professor Michael Rathjen at the University of Leeds.

Some of my research interests are listed below. More information about my publications, talks and teaching can be accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

Email: freund AT mathematik DOT tu-darmstadt DOT de


  • A streamlined presentation of the main result from my thesis is available via arXiv:1809.06759. I have also written two papers which complement and improve the main result (containing material from my thesis as well as new material). They are available via arXiv:1809.06769 and arXiv:1809.06774.
  • My PhD thesis Type-Two Well-Ordering Principles, Admissible Sets, and Π11-Comprehension is now available via White Rose eTheses Online.
  • My paper A Note on Iterated Consistency and Infinite Proofs has been accepted for publication in the Archive for Mathematical Logic. A free view-only version can be accessed via Springer Nature's SharedIt.
  • A video of my talk at the Hausdorff Trimester Program Types, Sets and Constructions is available on YouTube.

Research Interests:

  • Foundations of mathematics, especially meta-mathematics of arithmetic (first and second order) and weak set theories
  • Higher-order aspects of proof-theoretic concepts
  • Computational content of proofs, program extraction
  • Length of proofs, slow consistency
  • Methods: Mainly ordinal analysis, but also set-theoretic constructions and non-standard models of arithmetic