Fund Development

Finding resources to grow our programs has been a mission of mine for the last ten years of my career. I have experience and success in just about every facet of fundraising from Friends of Scouting and Special Events to grant writing and project sales.

Through my leadership, the Seneca Waterways Council has exceeded GOLD JTE status in #1, #2, and #3 each year of my tenure.

Special Events

Under my leadership, we have grown special events from a net $328,246 in 2016 to exceed $503,730 net in 2018. We introduced one new special event - Casting for Character Fishing Tournament, and worked to upgrade the guest/sponsor experience at all other events. We have found ways to mitigate expenses, and also used technology in the form of mobile bidding and online registration/giving to maximize the net results.

  • From 2015 to 2016 when we introduced Greater Giving, our silent auction grew 41%, and an average of 30% for 2017 and 2018 on top of that.
  • We introduced a "Lobster Bead" raffle which resulted in the first live auction item going for $8,000.
  • A sophisticated online peer-to-peer fundraising push for 21 Stories for Scouts resulted in the event going over budgeted Net by $81,000. This included forming sub-committees around individual rappellers to ensure maximum revenue.

Friends of Scouting

I have worked to lead a change in Friends of Scouting philosophy to be a unit-focused approach with the underlying theme of "a unit's Friends of Scouting campaign in support of the services they receive from the Council." Under my leadership, we have grown our Executive Board Friends of Scouting campaign and worked to strengthen district appeals with data and reports from CRM.

We created a Platinum Unit program that helps incentive a unit to have both a preset number of donors and raise a specific amount of dollars. We also introduced a recurring giving program called "Summit Circle" that resulted in increased giving by the constituents.

The plan for 2019 is to transform Friends of Scouting into a peer-to-peer based model with each unit having their own fundraising page that their families can contribute to.

Friends of Scouting Kickoff Dinner

I organized a team of Board members to execute a Friends of Scouting "ask" event which resulted in over $95,085 in new current and multi-year pledges to Friends of Scouting. The event revolves around the standard I-C-5 method by recruiting and training a team of Vice Chairs to in turn solicit Board members as Table Hosts.

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