"Thanks to Tony's diligent efforts, our Council will exceed $1 Million in direct support for the first time."

Lewis Heisman

Council President, Seneca Waterways Council

Of Counsel, Underberg Kessler

W (585) 258-2821

"Anthony demonstrates the Scouting ethos, by being supportive, helpful and available."

Chris Schulitz

Council Commissioner, SWC

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, Paychex

M (585) 500-9687

“Based on my interactions and partnership with Tony, I believe he possesses the leadership and interpersonal skills to be successful in a Scout Executive role.”

David Bullwinkle

VP Fund Development, SWC

CFO, Kodak

(585) 724-0221

“Tony (is) a consummate professional who is passionate about Scouting and willing to do what is needed to achieve the results he’s accountable for.”

David Wilson

VP Membership, SWC

Sr. Dir. Infrastructure, Paychex

(585) 259-0963

“I have been amazed at the dedication and perseverance that Tony often displays, whether it’s his oversight of our 21 Stories event, or his ability to assist with the budgeting process.”

Brendon Crossing

Council Treasurer, SWC

SVP, Canandaigua National Bank

M (585) 732-9519

“I am confident that his personality, work-ethic, experience and innovativeness will enable him to succeed.”

Christopher McLeod

Past President, Connecticut Yankee Council

M (203) 554-5305

Additional References Upon Request

Stephen Hoitt

Scout Executive, Seneca Waterways Council

Robert Kessler

Past President, SWC

Attorney, Woods Oviatt

Ron Knight

Past President, Area 3

Brad Bowersox

Area Director, Area 3

Christopher Luise

Council President, CYC

Co-CEO, ADNET Technologies

Charles Flowers

Scout Executive, CYC

Patrick Gentile

Board Member, CYC

Retired CFO, American BankNote

Clayton Cole

Vice President, Daniel Webster Council

James Delorey

Board Member, GNYC

SVP, Global Strategies

Paul Knox

Scout Executive

Columbia-Montour Council