90-Day Action Plan

As the Scout Executive in the Western Massachusetts Council, I will work a comprehensive plan to maintain the forward momentum of critical projects, complete a thorough needs assessment in each area of the Council, and work with each member of the volunteer and professional teams to build a plan to ensure successful completion of the Council’s goals.

Council Administration

  • Schedule appointments with each member of the selection committee to get a better understanding on issues presented by committee on the profile sheet.
  • Establish regular Key 3 meetings with the Council President and Council Commissioner.
  • Meet with Council's legal counsel to get updated on any legal matters pending and on any historical issues I should be aware of.
  • Review Council Strategic Pan and Journey to Excellence progress. Identify success to be recognized and, if necessary, any weaknesses which need an action plan.

Volunteer Relationships/Networking

  • Meet with all current and immediate past Council board members individually as early as possible.
  • With the help of board members, set up appointments with the “movers and shakers” in each of the large communities to promote the Scouting story and begin building relationships that could have a positive impact in the future.
  • Introduce myself and meet key leaders by attending as many district functions as possible including Roundtables, district committee and commissioner staff meetings.

Strategic Leadership

  • Review Council's JTE Scores and identify specific focus areas for improvement/growth.


  • Review annual fundraising plan and expectations for Board Members, and schedule to attend all planning committees as they come into cycle.
  • Meet with Council Treasurer to review financial statements and most recent audit
  • Meet with executive staff to determine strength of Friends of Scouting appeal committees in order to identify challenges, and support and assist in areas where there may be opportunities for improvement.
  • Begin the process of meeting with key donors who are not in one of the constituent groups listed above, and developing a relationship with each, identifying engagement opportunities.

Membership & Program

  • Review progress and plans for membership recruitment campaign (spring and fall).
  • Review plans for leadership training, in particular key unit leader position-specific training and Youth Protection.
  • Visit with each unit-serving executive about the plan specific to their areas of responsibility for new unit recruitment, school nights, boy talks, etc.
  • Meet with all staff to begin building relationships.
  • Schedule meetings with key constituents such as Superintendents.
  • Begin making in-roads into Puerto Rican and other underserved communities in Springfield.


  • Schedule a detailed tour of camp to develop an understanding of programs run, infrastructure upgrades scheduled and long range goals.


  • Rent house and move family (mid-spring)
  • Complete personal documents (driver's licenses, school forms)
  • Transition kids to new schools
  • Find a local Church and library for our family
  • Transfer my son to a new Troop, and transfer my daughter to a Cub Scout Pack.