WYD 2019

ARE YOU going with us?

Here is what you agreed to:


  • Be a youth or young adult of our Parish between the ages of 16 - 39.
  • Talk to your teachers.
  • Make a WYD Commitment by Sunday, November 12, 2017 (for all travelling pilgrims)
  • Passport by November 12, 2017. Remember this is a pilgrimage not a vacation or trip - but a passport is still required. Passports must be valid through August 2019.
  • Good faith initial deposit ($50 per person by 11/12/17; over 2018 - $50/quarter = $250 total. Can be paid all upfront if someone wants to. This will be used towards your trip. (NO REFUNDS.)
  • Community Service - 1 hour & 45 minutes a month (or 20 hours total) from August 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018 (no retro); Double dipping allowed (i.e. - for school). If youth are away at college, a process for verification of service will be used. Possible activities:
    • St. James Feed the Neighbor
    • Hunger Free Keiki
    • Charity Walk
    • Vacation Bible School
    • Kid’s Word
    • Altar Serving
    • Eucharistic Minister
    • Lector, etc. continued on back
  • “YAW” - Youth & Young Adult Workdays. (See a leader for details.)
    • If youth can’t make it; parents can do it for the youth
    • Schedule two a month - and youth can sign up for one or two.
    • Calendar will be available at monthly YG gatherings. Youth will sign up then.
    • 1 hour & 45 minutes a month (or 20 hours total) YAW hours over the 17 months from now till WYD (breaks down to only 10 events)
    • Youth can participate for full two hours, or fraction there of - in 30 minute blocks.
    • If youth are away at college and unable to do all 20 YAW hours, a formula will be used to calculate how much money the family must contribute to make up for the YAW.
  • Attend monthly AYG meetings - 1st Saturdays
    • Attend at least 8
  • Attend WYD planning meetings starting in January 2018
    • Attend at least 10 (there will be 12)
    • We will work around everyone’s schedules to make sure we have good attendance
  • Attend pre-WYD retreat in January 2019
    • Mandatory
    • We will work around everyone’s schedules to make sure everyone can attend.

Other Notes:

Parents who are joining us are doing so at their own expense.

We are also doing a two night

trip to Mexico City to visit the site of

Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mexican

Pyramids & a few other sites.

WYD 2019 Annunciation Flyer - Final - 2-8-18.pdf