Ann Penman

Ann has had a life-long passion to sing and is finally realising her dream.
Ann escaped an abusive early marriage, bearing four children. She nursed her Mother who had kidney disease and then her Father into old age. She also endured the loss of her second husband to cancer. Through it all, Ann maintained a manicured garden which she dedicated to her daughter who died suddenly and unexpectedly.
One day the nurse who helped her over the years said to Ann, ‘you have looked after sick people for most of your life, what is the one thing in life you would like to do?’ Ann replied, ‘I want to sing’. The nurse enquired ‘can you sing?’, Ann said ‘I don’t know, but I want to try'.
I met Ann when she started singing at Country Music Musters and charity shows. She is a special lady who performs her music as she lives her life, with passion and enthusiasm.
I am proud she feels my songs are representative of the stages and emotions that have affected her life. 'The High Price of Love' is an appropriate title for Ann's debut album.
Bill Murray(Songwriter)

Ann Penman's album The High Price of Love is available from LBS Music Distribution: P: 02 67621104 | E:
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