Anne C. Grannis

Artist & Sculptor

You can often view my work at the Morro Bay Art Gallery in Morro Bay during their rotating exhibits.

SLO Gallery has several of my sculptures on view. They are located on Broad St. cross Monterey St. SLO. Open Thurs - Sun. 11-5.

Creating and Making Ceramic Sculpture, AKA Fun with Clay Meetup Group meets every other Saturday, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm.  ONGOING

I have a Back to Sewing class through Pismo Parks and Rec. starting Jan. 9 - Feb. 13, 2024,  3:-5:30/6 wks. 

Life Sculpture Workshop will be held on Nov. 19.   12:30-3:30pm at Morro Bay Art Gallery. To register, go to

Be sure to check my calendar.