"It's difficult to find specific help from professionals familiar enough with the life of a musician. That's what I need" *

The Challenges of an Artist

The life of an artist, though immensely meaningful and exciting, can also be exceptionally challenging. Study shows, that artists, more than other professionals are exposed to depression, anxiety and stress. For instance, a survey with professional musicians in UK shows that in their lifetime around 66% musicians experience depression or other psychological problems, 74% struggle with performance anxiety, 65% experience loneliness, and 61% have relationship problems (2014, Health and well-being survey by Help Musicians UK)

All over the world artists struggle with challenges related to:

  • personal character of the artistic products
  • high performance expectations
  • high sensitivity and unbalanced emotional stimulation
  • pressure on expressing a strong identity
  • no objective standards for evaluation of artistic projects
  • limited creative productivity
  • lack of motivation and inspiration
  • irregular schedule of the performer
  • and many other non art-life related subjects

Sadness, frustration and performance-related stress can have a productive value in creative work. Nevertheless, they can quickly become limiting, unhealthy and dysfunctional. Therapy with a psychologist helps to establish a healthy relation to the vulnerability, where the artist can profit from it without suffering. The therapeutic process is about achieving balance in life - individually and together with others. It's about getting more out of life, and becoming who we want to be.

The Creative Psychologist

The last 10 years I have been working with musicians, artists, dancers, actors, directors, composers, songwriters, both in an artistic-work context, and from a psychological perspective. In 2010 I finished a master thesis in psychology, on mental health among jazz musicians. I am also an active artist myself, working with modern improvised music - in 2016 I graduated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen with a master degree in music performance.

Many artists feel misunderstood and lonely when they reach for professional help. Therefore a psychologist with a broad understanding and passion for creative processes, dynamics in the art society, and challenges of a performing artist can be an invaluable adventage.

In my work I'm striving for helping artists to improve their individual situation, no matter if the difficulties are related to their work as artists, their personal or social life. My primary goal is to help them understand themselves and the situation better, to reach their personal goals or figure out what their goals are.

"It's either that creative people are more susceptible to depression, or emotionally fragile people need to create."**