Anna Apps

Letters Tracing

Teach your kids to trace letters, numbers and shapes, even cursive. If the tracing is good, letter sound will be played in one of five different languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish or French. Latest version also provides options to select which letters should be displayed and the level of accuracy needed to trace the letter. If the trace is outside of the letter shape, the trace will appear in red. Now you can also choose if directions should be displayed. At the end the child will be rewarded with a nice animation and has to touch some funny icons... Teach your child to write the whole alphabet with fun. Handwriting has never been so easy!

Math Quiz

Guess the answer to simple math quizzes and save your Boo from monsters. If you are clever you will catch the monster and move to another level. You can choose if questions include sum, subtraction, timetables with different difficulties. Win all monsters and you will be a math super hero.

Words Writing

Teach your kids to write objects name. Multiple languages are supported: English, Italian. Teach your child to write thousands of words. Writing has never been so easy! You can choose between an easy mode where the child receives an immediate feedback about the letter placed and hard mode where the feedback is given only when all letters all placed. Try to save as many animals as possible....

Stop the bugs with Math

Learning math can be difficult for children and kids. They love to play games that most of the times will not teach anything useful. The idea of this app is to offer the kid to get more chances to win by answering math quizzes. For the "easy" mode the child can complete the levels even without answering any quiz but they will be attracted by those colored buttons and soon or later they will start to answer math quizzes to get more "points", more "lives", more "weapons" to defeat those nasty bugs. This is not an app to learn, this is a game that will have "learning" side effects. In this game they will stop bugs from attacking their beloved plants but to do this effectively they have to answer some easy math questions. With no effort they will master mental arithmetic. Spotting how many objects at glance, mastering multiplication tables, addition and comparison between sets of objects are some of the skills children and kids will learn.

The game includes three different game modes to satisfy a wide range of ages (from 4 to 10).

Main features:

✦ three game modes: easy, normal, difficult

✦ 16 levels for each game mode

✦ addition, subtraction, timestables

✦ simple equations and greater than / less than quizzes

✦ most of the quizzes are presented in a graphical way with no symbols, digits