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Hello fellow Anime Fans and Otakus, are you in search of some amazing anime? As most of the websites that you came across are either paid or they are not so secure to use. To overcome your discomfort we have found an amazing website for you which is named AnimeFlix, Where you can watch most of the anime at any moment of time from anywhere in the world.

What is AnimeFlix?

I think you are quite familiar with Netflix which is a popular online video streams platform. Animeflix is just like Netflix. However, it contains a huge collection of anime and nothing else. So you can say it contains all of the things that a fellow Otaku wants.

Why AnimeFlix App?

Still not excited enough by this awesome website, so let me tell you some more amazing facts about Animeflix:

  1. Animeflix Is Totally free for its viewership Audience.

  2. Animeflix also has an App for smartphone users which can be found in the Google play store named as AnimeFlix App.

  3. It does not contain any unnecessary ads like similar sites which sucks out all the fun.

  4. It gives you the collections of all of the old and new anime’s in multiple genres, so you will always have more than enough stuff to watch.

  5. All of the content on the website is in High Video quality such as 720p or 1080p.

  6. No time watch time limit or limit on location.

  7. It also has an extensive collection of anime which is categorized as subbed, dubbed, all-time favorite.

The Best thing about AnimeFlix App is that it is the one and only online video streaming app which is created only for anime that too without any overhead charges or unnecessary ads.


Does AnimeFlix have any apps and Where can I get AnimeFlix App?

Yes, AnimeFlix does have an App, which can be found under the same name as AnimeFlix App, in the google play store for free. One can also download and install the app on their smartphone by visiting the official website of Animeflix.

Do I have to pay for an AnimeFlix App?

No, the online streaming of the whole collection of anime given on the website or at App is free of cost or without any kind of subscription cost. So you can watch anime without paying a single penny.

Is it Legal to use AnimeFlix App?

Animeflix is a website and AnimeFlix App, is a pirated website. As it collects the data from various sources. But most people are still using it because it is free of cost and there are ways to use websites like this so you do not get into any trouble.

Does AnimeFlix have ads?

AnimeFlix App doesn’t have any ads as it is ad-free. We are not sure for how much time it will be ad-free.

Is AnimeFlix safe to use?

Since it is a Copyright Infringement Website and the content used to show in the website are from various unofficial sources, so using it will not be as safe as other paid streaming websites. So, we can’t say that the AnimeFlix is purely safe to use.

Why is the AnimeFlix App not working?

If your AnimeFlix App is not working then update the App version, clear your cache. Afterward, if it is still not working then you can reinstall the App on your smartphone.


We find the AnimeFlix App and website quite interesting as it is the only app that provides free online streaming of various Anime without any exhausting ads. We came up with this website so we can help fellow Animelovers and Otaku’s to find the whole world of Anime in one place.

We did our best to gather all the information about the website AnimeFlix App. All the information mentioned above is up to the mark. However, if you find something more interesting about the website feel free to get in touch with us through our chat button.

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