Anik Ashraf

I am an applied microeconomist with research interests in development and organizational economics.

In September 2018, I will be joining the Department of Economics at LMU (University of Munich) as an Assistant Professor.

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

Do Performance Ranks Increase Productivity? Evidence from a Field Experiment

(S)weathering the Storm: Firing and Productivity in a Bangladeshi Sweater Factory (with R. Akerlof, R. Macchiavello, A. Rabbani, and C. Woodruff)

The Effect of Political and Labour Unrest on Productivity: Evidence from Bangladeshi Garments (with R. Macchiavello, A. Rabbani, and C. Woodruff)

Research in Progress

Revisiting Piece Rates: Quantity - Quality Conundrum

Change of Plans: How Firms Adapt to Shocks in a Developing Country (with R. Macchiavello and C. Woodruff)


Department of Economics, University of Warwick