"The faithful love of the Lord never ends! 

His mercies never cease. 

Great is His faithfulness; 

His mercies begin afresh each morning."

Lamentations 3:22-23


We're getting married!

This site has all the info you need to come celebrate with us on Friday, October 13, 2023 in Fayetteville, GA!


"We met January 2015 in Forest Park High School."

Angy was 16 and Tavo was 17 when they met. Angy was in eleventh grade. She had been praying for new friends who shared her same faith in Jesus and would be a good influence for her. Tavo and his younger brother Jose, along with Max, were an answer to Angy's prayer. Together, they started a Bible Study group on campus called GLOW (God Lights Our World) club. 

Angy and Tavo became best friends. According to their closest friends, the chemistry and attraction between them was obvious. Tavo became interested in Angy when he noticed how much she loved God. He liked her bubbly personality, her sweetness, and self-respect. Angy found Tavo's reserved personality attractive. She liked that he was very involved in his church, that he prayed, studied the Bible, and discipled others. She was impressed when she discovered that he was waiting to date the right woman and planned to date with the intention of marrying her. Turns out, Angy shared those same dating values.

On December 21, 2016, Tavo asked Angy if she wanted to go out for ice cream. Ice cream in December? Yes, haha. Angy was 18 years old and Tavo was 19 by then. It was special because God had kept them both from dating anyone in high school. Dating was a new experience for both.

Throughout all 2017, they spent quality time getting to know each other. From walks in the park, to bike riding, ice cream dates, going out for street tacos, fun memories in Atlanta, church events, and every opportunity there was to see each other... Tavo and Angy fell in love.  

However, they were so young and just beginning their careers. As much as they loved each other, they were not personally or financially prepared to formalize their relationship, so they parted ways. 

Four years passed. Angy left to college, and although they didn't speak to each other for long periods of time, somehow, neither Tavo or Angy got in a relationship with anyone else during those four years.

It wasn't until August 2021 that Tavo spoke with Angy's parents and asked for the opportunity to date their daughter. It was a beautiful proposal!

The Dating Proposal

During their dating relationship, they took discipleship classes led by Angy's parents. Her parents met every week with Angy and Tavo to share their findings. Together, they studied three Biblical counseling books titled The Christian Life: A Human Impossibility by Dr. Kerry Skinner, Breaking Free From The Bondage of Sin by Dr. Henry Brandt and Dr. Skinner, and My Word Is Like A Fire by Alison Veazey and Dr. Skinner. 

The Marriage Proposal

Angy suspected that Tavo would be proposing soon. Their best friend, Max, encouraged Angy to go shopping for a white dress. Angy did not want to wear white, but as always, Max convinced her to. She got her nails and lashes done and expected Tavo to propose on their 1-year 10 month dating anniversary.  June 27 came and Tavo took her out for dinner. No ring. No proposal. By this point, Tavo had suggested that the engagement would involve riding a helicopter. Angy was under the impression that their families knew nothing about his plan. 

On June 29, Tavo told Angy he would take her to a fancy restaurant in Atlanta and convinced her to wear her white dress. She didn't think he would propose that day because he told her that the "helicopter reservation" had been cancelled, and Angy knew her romantic boyfriend would do no simple proposal. Angy got ready and told her family she would return in the evening. Her parents and sisters were in sweatpants and casual clothes, watching TV when she left. It didn't seem like they were informed about anything special happening that evening.

Before pulling up to her house, Tavo called Angy and told her to close her eyes. When he pulled up, he blindfolded her. Angy didn't see how Tavo was dressed. She only heard his voice. Still, Angy didn't suspect anything because it wasn't the first time Tavo blindfolded her to give her a cute surprise or just to be silly with her.

Angy was blindfolded during the whole 30-minute drive to Atlanta! She was jamming to her favorite songs in the car. She had no idea what Tavo had prepared for her. When they arrived, Tavo helped Angy off the car. She heard someone playing her favorite worship song "Waymaker" on the piano. Check out what happened in the video below.

She said yes!

Angy's Family

Tavo's Family

The one and only Max

"A huge thanks to our friend Marcelo Salas (Max) for the photos in the dating proposal and the decorations in the dating and marriage proposal. Thank you to our families for their support and for being a part of such a special moment of our lives. We thank God for answering our prayers. Only He made this possible." 

-Angy & Tavo