Topical Science

I have contributed to discussions of current scientific news items to help develop my awareness of science.

SCN 1-20a


· Discusses and expresses opinions about science topics in real-life contexts, including those featured in the media.

· Discusses how people use science in their everyday lives.

· Describes a variety of jobs and careers which require scientific knowledge and skills.

Through research and discussion, I have an appreciation of the contribution that individuals are making to scientific discovery and invention and the impact this has made on society.

SCN 2-20a


· Researches historic and contemporary scientists (ensuring gender balance) and their scientific discoveries and reports collaboratively to others using a range of methods.

· Describes the impact of scientific discovery, creativity and invention on society past and present, for example, in design, medicine and agriculture.

· Demonstrates understanding of how science impacts on every aspect of our lives.

· Relates the development of scientific skills in the classroom to an increasingly wide variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

I can report and comment on current scientific news items to develop my knowledge and understanding of topical science.

SCN 2-20b


· Explores items of current scientific interest within the school, local community, nationally or in the global media and collates, organises and summarises findings, with assistance.

· Shares opinions about a variety of topical scientific issues considering, for example, moral, ethical, societal, cultural, economic and environmental aspects.

Topical Science Resource Pack

Have a look at this 'Topical Science Resource Pack', it's filled with lots of ideas and resources to help you deliver Topical Science experiences in your class or during school assemblies!

Topical Science Resource Pack.pdf

Dippy the Dinosaur Resources: Episode 8

Fun Kids Science Weekly

A weekly science radio programme for kids! Brilliant for Topical Science

Reach Out Reporter

A super website with weekly Topical Science information, lesson plans, videos etc. If you sign up to their newsletter they will send you weekly lesson plans!


This website’s tag is ‘Fodder for young minds’ and it contains lots of interesting, current topical science news with articles and video clips.

Scientists and the Scientific Method

A collection of vlog style parody films that explore the work of the world's most famous scientists, their biggest discoveries and the methods they used to make them.

These resources are suitable for teaching Biology and Physics to pupils aged 7-11. They also have cross-curricular links with History and Literacy.

A great back drop for considering Topical Science!

Topical Science Updates

Note that the most recent are at the bottom of the list.

Youtube: Great Minds from Science

A playlist of 28 videos giving a fun overview of different ‘great minds’ from science. The videos are made for children and range in length from 2min to 12min. Watch the videos then discuss the impact that their contribution has made on society.

SSERC links to Topical Science

Register for free to access the resources.


Explorify is a free resource for primary school teachers offering weekly, easy to use activities to spark pupil curiosity and develop thinking skills. Many of their activities have a ‘topical science’ theme. Lessons are either 15min or 30min and come with all the resources that you need. A great for assemblies or the classroom.

You will need to make an account, however, the resource is free to use.