By investigating some body systems and potential problems which they may develop, I can make informed decisions to help me to maintain my health and wellbeing.

SCN 2-12a


The expectation is that at least two of the following body systems will be studied at Second Level.

Respiratory system

· Describes the function of the respiratory system (lungs, windpipe and bronchi), for example, in gas exchange.

· Discusses the main preventable causes of bronchitis, lung cancer and asthma, for example, smoking.

Circulatory system

· Describes the function of the circulatory system (heart and blood vessels), for example, transport of food, oxygen and waste materials.

· Discusses the main preventable causes of heart disease or stroke, for example, obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and high (saturated) fat diet.

Digestive system

· Describes the function of the digestive system (mouth, oesophagus, stomach, liver, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus), for example, breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients, minerals and water.

· Discusses the main preventable causes of liver disease, for example, alcohol and drug misuse.

Reproductive system

· Describes the function of the reproductive system (penis, testes, sperm tube/duct, ovaries, egg tube/duct, uterus and vagina), for example, to make a baby.

· Discusses some preventable causes of fertility problems, for example, alcohol misuse, anorexia and obesity.

Skeletal system

· Describes the function of the skeleton (skull, spine, ribcage, some bones of the arm and leg), for example, to provide support, protection and enable movement.

· Discusses some common problems of bones (for example, arthritis, osteoporosis and breaks) and how their incidence can be reduced (for example, through calcium in the diet and weight-bearing exercise).

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