By investigating how friction, including air resistance, affects motion, I can suggest ways to improve efficiency in moving objects.

SCN 2-07a


· Describes friction as a force which opposes the motion of moving objects, for example, two solid surfaces rubbing against one another or a solid surface moving through air or water.

· Finds an association between air resistance (drag), the speed of the object being investigated and the surface area exposed to the air, making links to original predictions.

· Demonstrates understanding of how friction and air resistance can both be useful, for example, in braking systems, and also a problem, for example, causing moving parts to wear.

· Describes efficient movement as that which requires the least possible energy and suggests ways to improve efficiency in moving objects, for example, by streamlining.

Angus Council Teacher's Notes for Forces

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Angus Council Key Ideas and Common Misunderstandings

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Understanding Friction at Second Level

Investigating Friction

Exploring Surface Area, Friction & Air Resistance

Angus Council Repacked Outcomes Medium Term Plan

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Concept Cartoons

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Friction Cones Worksheet

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Larbert Cluster Friction PowerPoint


Paper Planes Handout for Powerpoint

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Science Max

CD Hovercraft

This activity demonstrates what happens when we reduce the level of friction and object experiences.

Without the air the CD experiences a higher level of friction and doesn't move far when pushed.

When the air is released from the balloon it creates a layer of air between the CD and the surface reducing friction, as a result the CD can travel far further.

Note that bottle lids can be attached with blue-tac rather than super glue.

Hamilton Trust Resources: Welcome to Force-Land

BP Education Forces Topic Starter

Lots of activities and resources

Friction Demonstration

Centre for Industry Education Collaboration: Feel the Force

STEM Learning: Mission to the Moon Activity 3-Lift Off

BP Resources: Air Resistance Online Experiment

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