Second Level

I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.

SCN 2-01a

I can use my knowledge of the interactions and energy flow between plants and animals in ecosystems, food chains and webs. I have contributed to the design or conservation of a wildlife area.

SCN 2-02a

Through carrying out practical activities and investigations, I can show how plants have benefited society.

SCN 2-02b

I have collaborated in the design of an investigation into the effects of fertilisers on the growth of plants. I can express an informed view of the risks and benefits of their use.

SCN 2-03a

By considering examples where energy is conserved, I can identify the energy source, how it is transferred and ways of reducing wasted energy.

SCN 2-04a

Through exploring nonrenewable energy sources, I can describe how they are used in Scotland today and express an informed view on the implications for their future use.

SCN 2-04b

I can apply my knowledge of how water changes state to help me understand the processes involved in the water cycle in nature over time.

SCN 2-05a

By observing and researching features of our solar system, I can use simple models to communicate my understanding of size, scale, time and relative motion within it.

SCN 2-06a

By investigating how friction, including air resistance, affects motion, I can suggest ways to improve efficiency in moving objects.

SCN 2-07a

I have collaborated in investigations to compare magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational forces and have explored their practical applications.

SCN 2-08a

By investigating floating and sinking of objects in water, I can apply my understanding of buoyancy to solve a practical challenge.

SCN 2-08b

I have used a range of electrical components to help to make a variety of circuits for differing purposes. I can represent my circuit using symbols and describe the transfer of energy around the circuit.

SCN 2-09a

To begin to understand how batteries work, I can help to build simple chemical cells using readily-available materials which can be used to make an appliance work.

SCN 2-10a

Through research on how animals communicate, I can explain how sound vibrations are carried by waves through air, water and other media.

SCN 2-11a

By exploring reflections, the formation of shadows and the mixing of coloured lights, I can use my knowledge of the properties of light to show how it can be used in a creative way.

SCN 2-11b

By investigating some body systems and potential problems which they may develop, I can make informed decisions to help me to maintain my health and wellbeing.

SCN 2-12a

I have explored the structure and function of sensory organs to develop my understanding of body actions in response to outside conditions.

SCN 2-12b

I have contributed to investigations into the role of microorganisms in producing and breaking down some materials.

SCN 2-13a

By investigating the lifecycles of plants and animals, I can recognise the different stages of their development.

SCN 2-14a

By exploring the characteristics offspring inherit when living things reproduce, I can distinguish between inherited and non-inherited characteristics.

SCN 2-14b

By contributing to investigations into familiar changes in substances to produce other substances, I can describe how their characteristics have changed.

SCN 2-15a

I have participated in practical activities to separate simple mixtures of substances and can relate my findings to my everyday experience.

SCN 2-16a

By investigating common conditions that increase the amount of substance that will dissolve or the speed of dissolving, I can relate my findings to the world around me.

SCN 2-16b

Having explored the substances that make up Earth’s surface, I can compare some of their characteristics and uses.

SCN 2-17a

I have investigated different water samples from the environment and explored methods that can be used to clean and conserve water and I am aware of the properties and uses of water.

SCN 2-18a

I have collaborated in activities which safely demonstrate simple chemical reactions using everyday chemicals. I can show an appreciation of a chemical reaction as being a change in which different materials are made.

SCN 2-19a