About us

Hello and welcome to Anglaland, an app for learning vocabulary through games

My name is Yulia and I have been working as a teacher of English for 18 years. I have M.Ed. in teaching English as a foreign language. During my entire career I used games to teach different aspects of the language. I strongly believe in effectiveness of games for promotion of language skills. My M.Ed. final paper was "Using Games to Enhance Vocabulary Acquisition in the 4th Grade".

Nowadays there is a variety of digital and online games for learning foreign languages. It takes a lot of time to find a suitable game for one's lesson. My dream was to have a game in which teacher could be able to monitor the content of the game and the level of pupils' participation as well as pupils' achievements. This way one would be able to match the same game/app/site for every lesson by just changing the content.

Dreams have to come true! It all started in 2015 in the program "Moitsim be Hinuh"(Pedagogus) in Pisgah, Natseret Illit. After a year of work with the staff of the pisgah and developing the idea, the project (which already had its name, Anglaland) was moved to another program of the Ministry of Education, called EdStart (a program for developing educational enterprises). The 2 years I spent in EdStart were very interesting and different from what teachers usually do. We "went out" of the school and met a whole new world of enterprises, technology, design, sales and advertising. I learned a lot and met many interesting people which gave me a lot of new ideas, opened new horizon and helped me to look at things from different perspective.

What is different between Anglaland and other apps/sites with games for learning English?