What are angel numbers? Suppose you have often come across a combination of specific numbers in the past few days. In that case, Doreen Virtue, the author of sacred scribe angel numbers, advises you to pay attention to such a message. To decipher it, you need to know what meanings divine numerology assigns to the main sacred numbers and their combinations.

Number meanings

111 – three units indicate a good time for the realization of your old dream or planned event. The number 111 foreshadows the excellent news that will open up new perspectives and opportunities for you. Most likely, that which can bring you what you want is very close, but you refuse to notice it. The Universe has already sent you a way to solve your problem; all that remains is to look around you carefully.

1111 – enhances the value of the 111 sequences and promises the almost instant realization of everything you have in mind. In angel numbers, 1111 calls it a reflection of a person’s thoughts. Don’t miss the opportunity predicted by the four angelic omen units.

222 – a sequences of three twos portends a positive result of your actions. If you notice sequence 222 on your watch or license plate after necessary negotiations or contacting higher authorities, you don’t even have to worry; everything will be resolved in the best possible way. The Universe approves and encourages your actions. Do not be afraid and back down, but continue to move towards the goal in the same direction.

2222 – four twos indicate that the Universe is giving you the information you need to solve your problem. Often, after four deuces, an insight comes, intuition sharpens. Besides, the number 2222 in numerology indicates a profitable partnership.

333 – this sequence of numbers symbolizes the Ascended Masters, powerful heavenly guardians, next to you. The number 333 can be called a visiting card of these creatures and an offer of help.

444 – three fours report the support of not one guardian but several divine entities. The protection of so many powerful patrons gives you wings and opens all roads. Feel free to act to achieve your goal; the angels standing behind your back will take all ill-wishers and enemies away from you. The number 444 is a generous carte blanche for you.

555 – the sequences of these numbers warns of drastic life changes. Gather all your strength and stamina to meet them with dignity. Change can be both positive and negative – angels prefer to remain silent about this. The combination of 555 in angelic numerology encourages you to overcome your fears and find the courage to prove yourself with your strengths.

666 – Three sixes are often regarded as an ominous warning and are referred to as “the number of the devil.” In angelic numerology, this number has a slightly different meaning. 666 indicates a person’s excessive preoccupation with money. Angels urge you to pay more attention to the inner world, and then your financial problems will be resolved.

777 – promises you a real whirlpool of miracles and pleasant surprises. With sevens’ help, angels communicate that all your wishes and actions during this period are doomed to dizzying success. Noticing the combination 777 several times in a row, hurry up to catch your luck by the tail!

888 – three eights predict a speedy resolution of the situation, the end of an event, process, or relationship. In return, the combination of eight promises the birth of something different, new. You should be ready to part with the past and open up to the future.

999 – the sequences of three nines conveys the angels’ request about the need to complete something you started but abandoned or left until better times. If you asked the Universe for something, and then, having received its consent, refused what you wanted, then the number 999 calls to complete the work.

000 – the value of this sequences of numbers is close to the cost of 444 and speaks of the support of you by higher powers. Their patronage will help you overcome your fears and find a way out even from deadlocks. When you see 0:00 on your watch, know that you have reliable support. Also, three zeros in devine numerology indicate the end of some significant event.

Meaning of numbers: sequences of different numbers

Angels can encrypt their messages in combinations of repeating numbers and variations of several numbers. To understand what the higher powers warn about, the main two- and three-digit combinations’ meanings will help.

For example, you have come across the number 33314 several times in a row. You can divide the total number into smaller combinations and combine their values. For our example, use numerological predictions for combinations 1 and 3, 3 and 4, 1, and 4.

What do repeating sets of numbers, for example, or other significant numbers mean? Let’s figure it out in order with the help of angel numbers.

Angel numbers sequences meaning

Meaning with 1:

  • The sequences of 1 and 2 (12, 21, 121, etc.) portend a quick implementation of your plans. In no case, do not give up; success is close!

  • Combinations 1 and 3 (13, 133, etc.) call to pay attention to everything that happens to you. Any little thing during this period can direct you towards solving your problem.

  • The numbers, consisting of 1 and 4 (41,14, 144), inform about the beginning of the streak of luck. Having met such combinations, hurry up to ask the angels about the secret, and you will undoubtedly get it.

  • 1 and 5 (551, 15, 151) warn of change. During this period, listen to yourself: if you feel anxiety – be careful and not take any decisive action. If you are confident of success, feel free to move forward.

  • With the help of 1 and 6 (611, 166, 61), the angels speak of the need for rest. Perhaps you are bogged down in worries about material things. Relax a little, dream, change the environment, and you will feel a surge of fresh energy.

  • 1 and 7 (17,71, 177) suggest you are heading in the right direction.

  • 1 and 8 (81, 181) predict the end of an entire stage in your life. This will happen regardless of your wishes and actions. That which no longer matters for your development will remain in the past, giving way to something new.

  • 1 and 9 (119, 991) foreshadow you getting results from work done. New energy will fill your life. Make room for her, leaving old worries in the past.

  • With the help of 1 and 0 (110, 011), the angels ask you to change your life or your vision of the situation, learn to judge something with an open mind.

Meaning with 2:

The sequences of 2 and 3 (322, 323), like the number 333, indicates the Ascended Masters. This is the time for good luck and fulfillment of desires.

  • 2 and 4 (442, 242) also mean the help of angels in your actions.

  • 2 and 5 (255, 525) predict the close occurrence of some desired event.

  • 2 and 6 (662, 226) promise a big purchase.

  • 2 and 7 (772, 27) are good news.

  • 2 and 8 (82, 828) warns against the danger of delusion in important decisions.

  • 2 and 9 (92.292) speak of an imminent clarification of the situation.

  • 2 and 0 (20, 002) report that the angels protect you from enemy attacks.

Meaning with 3:

  • 3 and 4 (334, 343) call to turn to higher powers for a hint.

  • 3 and 5 (533, 353) report that your guardian angel is preparing you for a drastic change.

  • 3 and 6 (633, 36) in conjunction mean that the Universe has heard your request and is looking for ways to fulfill it.

  • 3 and 7 (773, 37) imply the angels’ approval of your work, lifestyle, a path of movement.

  • The sequences of 3 and 8 (83, 338) has a similar meaning – the Divine Guardian encourage you to move in the chosen direction.

  • Combining 3 and 9 (993, 39), angels ask to let go of past grievances, as they interfere with you in the present.

  • 3 and 0 (003, 330) signal that you did not notice something essential and analyze everything that happened to you over the past few days.

Meaning with 4:

  • The sequences of 4 and 5 (545, 445) prepares you for the positive changes that the higher forces have prepared for you.

  • 4 and 6 (646, 46) call to distract from the world of material values and turn to spiritual ones.

  • 4 and 7 (74, 447) are regarded as angelic congratulations and approval of your chosen course.

  • 4 and 8 (84, 448) prepare for a new stage in life.

  • 4 and 9 (49, 949) also portend change, but in this case, the Divine Guardian ask to let go of what has already become obsolete. It would help if you found the strength to close this door so that the Divine Guardian will open a new one for you.

  • 4 and 0 (40, 004) remind you of divine love that stays with you even in the most challenging situations.

Meaning with 5:

  • The sequences of 5 and 6 (665, 56) is a sign of imminent financial well-being. You will receive a large amount of money and be able to buy something of value.

  • 5 and 7 (75, 575) herald you an event that will enrich you intellectually, emotionally, and financially, as well as bring excellent life experience.

  • Combinations 5 and 8 (885, 58) are sent by Divine Guardian to warn of life changes, the beginning of a new round. Don’t succumb to your fears!

  • 5 and 9 (995, 95) advise letting go of the past. By concentrating on past experiences, you keep new events out of your life.

  • With the help of the numbers 5 and 0 (500, 50), the angels inform about a splendid gift prepared for you.

Meaning with 6:

  • With the variety of 6 and 7 (767, 67), the higher powers express their approval of your actions and thoughts.

  • 6 and 8 (886, 68) suggest: to get what you want, you must give up something that has been outlived and has ceased to be necessary.

  • 6’s and 9’s (96, 699) are reminiscent of spiritual development. Take a break from thinking about money and material goods in favor of spiritual values.

  • 6 and 0 (60, 006) urge you to follow the voice of your conscience; otherwise, an essential event for you may acquire negative traits.

Meaning with 7:

  • Varieties 7 and 8 (877, 78), according to devine numerology, speak of your entering a turning point. During this period, your thoughts, values will change; some events or connections will end.

  • 7 and 9 (977, 79) confirm the correctness of your action. Keep up the good work to reach your goal.

  • 7 and 0 (70, 007) tell you that someone near you needs your support or help.

Meaning with 8:

The numbers consisting of 8 and 9 (98, 898) indicate that a period of changes has begun in your life. In this way, the Divine Guardian communicate their support and call for dropping all fears and doubts.

8 and 0 (80, 008) are confirmation that the Universe hears your requests. Feel free to ask heavenly messengers for anything that matters to you.

Meaning with 9:

Combinations 9 and 0 (900, 090) are sent by angels to confirm your path’s correctness. Also, this combination encourages you not to get hung up and forgive long-standing grievances.

Although angel numbers is a relatively new occult teaching, it has already found followers worldwide. Doreen Virtue advises interpreting the signs that higher powers send us correctly.

The angels’ tips provide answers to the questions that tormented you, suggest a way out, and are even capable of saving lives, says D. Virtue. Therefore, the third time you see on the clock 16:16 or paying attention to the repeating numbers in the date of an important event, think about what the Divine Guardian want to warn you about.

Types of angel numbers combinations

The angelic message on the watch can be of three types:

  1. triple repetition;

  2. equivalent minutes and hours;

  3. specular view of reflection.

Suppose, by chance; an unusual combination appears on the watch. In that case, you need to immediately decipher its meaning to understand the message since the angels are talking about something important. Signs of higher powers give hints on how to avoid various disasters and troubles.

Repeating numbers meanings

It is rare to see all repeating numbers at once, but they are of great importance in a person’s life:

  • 0000 – good luck in achieving your goal. You should not give up; you need to fight for your activities, your loved one. Do not postpone things; otherwise, there may not be next time.

  • 0101 – after a while, something incredible will happen, but it is important not to frighten this luck with premature joy. It is better to transfer a vital matter; otherwise, it may be spoiled;

  • 0202 is a pleasant and fateful meeting. Angelic numerology by the hour gives a sign that this meeting will become fateful.

  • 0303 – strong love shortly. It is important not to surrender entirely to feelings: the ardor will pass, but the consequences will remain. It will all end in trouble.

  • 0404 – the angel wants to help understand the situation. It is necessary to reevaluate everything and look at the problem with different eyes; otherwise, the result may be disastrous.

  • 0505 is a meaningful sign that warns of possible enemies. It is necessary to take a close look at who and how behaviors – friends, colleagues, and friends. Maybe someone is hypocritical. It’s better to figure it out right away than to solve the problem later.

  • 0606 – a new stage in life, pleasant changes are coming. For girls who have been dating a guy for a long time, this is a sign that a wedding is coming soon. For workaholics – a promotion at work, career growth. All grandiose plans need to be made now.

  • 0707 – a dangerous sign warning that there will soon be problems, a statehouse. You should not contact the government service; everything will end in trouble. You need to be more careful with finances, avoid problems with the law.

  • 0808 is the best time to start a career that will bring financial stability. The angel advises not to be afraid to ask your superiors for a salary increase.

  • 0909 – economic collapse. You should behave very carefully, do not throw money. Avoid fraud, theft, keep a close eye on your valuables. Better to refuse big deals.

  • 1010 – failures pass. An angel guarantees the right path and prospects when doing what you love.

  • 1111 is a challenging activity that is easy to handle. The keeper suggests that you do not need to carry a heavy burden; it is better to choose something more comfortable.

  • 1212 – luck in lottery, gambling, you need to trust your intuition.

  • 1313 is an important warning that promises serious problems in love soon. It is worthwhile to communicate with restraint with loved ones, do not quarrel. A lonely person will suffer from unrequited love. The angel advises refraining from a romantic meeting, dating.

  • 1414 – sudden feelings will give a happy relationship. You shouldn’t miss your chance, you should go to a crowded place, to a restaurant, to a party with friends.

  • 1515 – it is worth more often to listen to other people’s opinions. The angel points out that some actions require serious adjustments, so it is better to listen to others’ advice.

  • 1616 – you need to rest and go on an exciting journey that will bring pleasure and new impressions.

  • 1717 is a financial sign warning of a possible loss of money. Don’t make deals and make big purchases. Hide money from prying eyes; otherwise, they will take over your property.

  • 1818 – it is better to refuse to travel by transport. It is also worth excluding sports loads to avoid serious injury.

  • 1919 – it is necessary to complete all cases and go to another stage. It is better to refuse new projects, as they will not bring success. The time has come to rethink life values completely, rest, completely relax, and find harmony in yourself.

  • 2020 – the Divine Guardian warn of imminent quarrels and conflicts. It is better not to solve essential issues concerning the family and postpone the conversation later.

  • 2121 – an adventurous, romantic period. Angels advise not to drink alcohol; otherwise, you may wake up in the morning with a stranger.

  • 2222 – a fateful meeting. Perhaps one of the close people is a future life partner.

  • 2323 – A rival appears on the horizon. Better not to keep the person close. Soon there will be a new long-awaited love that will bring real happiness.

Fateful mirror numbers meanings

The angel numbers are not always repeated. Sometimes the combination is mirrored. These values also affect life and speak of significant events:

  • 0110 – a sudden meeting with a friend who has not been seen for a long time. Possible promotion.

  • 0220 – do not say what is horrible; otherwise, the enemies will take advantage of the situation and seriously harm.

  • 0330 – it’s time to think about why such torment is with a person nearby if there is no happy future.

  • 0440 – serious deals should not be made; otherwise, they will be unsuccessful.

  • 0550 – you should beware of fire and water. Before going to work, carefully check if everything is turned off to avoid fire.

  • 1001 – an early meeting with an important person, on communication with whom the future may depend.

  • 1221 – acquaintance with a person who can radically change fate.

  • 1331 – it is necessary to take measures so that numerous risky situations in life end successfully.

  • 1441 – real success will come soon.

  • 1551 is an unusual acquaintance that will give a sea of love and pleasure.

  • 2002 – a quarrel with loved ones can lead to serious conflict.

  • 2112 – It’s time to reveal your talents.

  • 2332 – you should pay close attention to your health.

Successful combinations of angel numbers

Combination with 01

Higher powers hint that made wishes are already coming true. It would help if you believed that everything would be fine:

  • 01 and 07 – perseverance will lead to victory.

  • 01 and 08 – soon, it will be possible to get rid of the disease. Throw away everything old and buy new. Shortly, there will be life changes.

Combination with 02

If 02, 20, 2, and 00 are often found on the clock, life is booming; there is a lot of positive in it. It seems that the black streak will never end, but it is necessary to find a positive attitude.

Repeating 02 and 05 attracts luck. If you do not lose confidence in your abilities, then the result will be fantastic.

Combination with 03

The repeated 3, 6, 23, 3, and 00 indicate that the universe will help self-actualization. A little more and it will be possible to achieve the goal, everything will come true; for this, you only need to use your knowledge.

Repetitions 03 and 07 indicate the correct direction. The keepers promise tremendous success.

Combination with 04

The numbers 4 and 5 are essential for destiny. Positive changes will soon take place that will help streamline a complicated life.

Combination 47 indicates the encouragement of the Guardians. Higher powers support all undertakings.

Combination with 05

The number 56, 5, and 00 on the clock is a pleasant material surprise. The combination of 5 and 7 suggests that life will soon change completely. Just don’t slow down; self-improvement will help you achieve success.

Combination with 06

Frequent 6, 7, 16 – you cannot stand still; you need to develop, gain knowledge, use it in practice.

The combination of 6 and 8 indicates that it’s time to get rid of everything unnecessary. Do not rush to buy expensive things; otherwise, the deal will not be favorable.

Combination with 07

Always catching the eye 7 and 8 indicate favorable changes in life. Do not postpone unresolved issues—the number 7 from 00 points the approval of the guardian angel.

Combination with 08 and 09

In life, there will soon be unplanned meetings that will not bring happiness. Only unexpectedness will help self-improvement. In any situation, you need to remain calm.

The combination of 8 and 00 means that all wishes will come true; if you have a little patience, do not give up, keep calm.

Triple repeating angel numbers

Keepers warn trouble and point out human shortcomings by repeating numbers. The same numbers on the watch are essential.

000: Please do not waste precious time on noisy parties; it is better to retire, to rethink your life.

111: You can’t frequently drive yourself into a corner; you need to learn to be a winner. The Guardian Angel will help you reach the top; you nIf you regularly notice the clock’s message, write down the same numbers, and find out their meaning, life will become easier. eed to start acting.

222: Self-love destroys everything. Others cannot be close to such a person for a long time, so they will soon refuse to communicate. It is worth going down to earth, being more comfortable, starting to treat people naturally.

333: Identical triplets are a divine sign. It’s time to start realizing your creative projects. It is essential to listen to your inner world and do something useful for other people.

444: The Guardians are unhappy that you have been aggressive and pessimistic about the world around you lately. It would be fine if you reconsidered your position to thank life for the beauty that it gives every day. Higher powers always support reasonable goals.

555: The repetition of fives indicates a loss of faith in oneself. Do not be afraid of failures.

It would help if you didn’t come up with messages yourself. If you deliberately wait for the same combinations, they will lose quality. Angel numbers of time shows signs at an unexpected moment. The hint should be random.

Divine Guardian protect us from various troubles. With the proper use of clues and signs, you can dramatically change your future.

Angel numbers – combinations of numbers through which the guardian angels address us. The author of this doctrine – philosopher, metaphysician, Doctor of Psychology, author, and developer of audio meditations – Doreen Virtue.