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Welcome to Charmarie's Kidney Page!

If you've found your way to this page, you're either interested in donating a kidney or looking for further information on what it entails. Below, you'll find quick links to the most important elements related to my search for a living donor. If you navigate to the next page, you'll get an in depth look into my personal story. The last page includes links that I feel might be helpful for you as you consider this life changing decision - including, among others: what the process entails, expectations on your end for afterwards, and why living donors are superior to cadaver donors (although they're just as precious of a gift too!). It also contains links to my supporter's pages where applicable - they have given their time, money, and heart (in some instances, all three!) and deserve the recognition and all of my gratitude. Please don't hesitate to show them some love as well by visiting their pages and supporting them in return! Please contact me if you think I'm missing something that should be included on that page.

Donate Your Kidney

Click here to start the process by filling in a health questionnaire to see if you qualify to donate an organ.

Recipient: Charmarie WilsonDOB: 08/02/1980

Donate to my Med Fund

Donating your kidney isn't an option? Click here to make a monetary donation for my life-long medications fund.

Help me get the word out!

I'm trying to reach as many possible donors as I can. Can you help me by donating to have t-shirts and a car window decal made?

Can you help in some other way?

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