Holistic Living

I am Believe in WHolistic Living

I am a Holistic Nurse, and a Multi- Martial Artist .

I am a physically fit, energetic, mentally strong, organized person with a tendency towards multi-tasking.

I enjoy exploring things and ideas focusing mainly on nursing/ health care, martial arts, spiritual studies and personal growth.

It brings me great joy to help others achieve their goals, expand themselves and their passions.

I hold BS degrees in both Nursing (BSN) and Natural Science (BS-NS&M)

I hold a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA -Health Service Administration)

My love of Physiology, Biology and the Human nature,

Lead me to the Profession of Nursing,

Giving me opportunity to offer service and support to others while exploring all my academic curiosities.

My love of people and the conveniences of life,

Lead me to the world of comprehensive distributor sales,

Giving me opportunities to helping others explore and enhance their lives.

My love of challenge, personal fitness, and the expanding universe

Lead me to the world of Martial arts, Giving me opportunities to spread my wings and offer the Joys of martial arts to others.