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Catching Fireflies


During the pandemic I found myself making more art than any other time in my life (other than during my four years in undergraduate school). When a long time poet friend asked about workng on a collaborative project, I didn't hesitate. One thing led to another and before we knew it over the next almost two years our collaboration has turned into a book. I loved the process and now I'm very excited about the results. The book is available for you to purchase! It's called Catching Fireflies and contains 20 poems and 20 images. In the beginning of the process I started illustrating her poems. That felt too much like 'frosting on the cake' to me so we switched and she started responding to my images with a poem. Teh last one we actually did simultaneously about 'being grateful'. We are both in touch with the changing of the seasons and the outdoors so the book contains five poems and five images for each season. Below is the press release, you can purchase it at THIS LINK

Chasing Fireflies was released on September 1st, printed by Downeast Graphics.

UNION, ME. September 3, 2023 - Jean Anne Feldeisen and Argy Nestor are excited to announce the releas of their joint work, Chasing Fireflies. Readers will find images and poetry captureing unique snapshots of the seasons: the elusive color of the Maine sky in winter, unsullied beauty of Pemaquid Point, the quirky way Spring begins before it really begins in Maine, and the creep of a harsh November cutting into the beauty of October. Says Jean, "Fireflies is a product of our long friendship, our love of Maine and the changing seasons here, and a desire to do something unique together. I think this book has fulfilled our dream." Says Argy, "I think the results are magical. Chasing Fireflies exemplifies collaboration - Jean and I taking turns creating and responding to each others's artwork." 

Artist Natasha Mayers says, "Argy's artwork is rich and experiential, the images look concentrated and elegantly framed, all perfectly lovely and inviting."

Argy Nestor has dedicated her life to education. She taught middle school in the mid-coast for 32 years and worked at two state agencies advocating for excellent visual and performing arts education and access to it for all learners. She is Maine’s 1995 Teacher of the Year, participated in the Japanese Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher’s program, and has received awards for her commitment to education. Her art-making has been integrated throughout her work and exhibited in multiple shows. Find her blog at Anne Feldeisen is a practicing psychotherapist, a grandmother, and a writer.  She has written for “Next Avenue," " Chicken Soup for the Soul," and is a host for the Crows Feet: Life As We Age Podcast.  Her poetry has been published in "Thimble Literary Magazine," “The Raven’s Perch,” "The Hopper," and "Spank the Carp."  Main Street Rag Publishing Company released her first poetry chapbook, “Not All Are Weeping,” in May 2023. Follow her at


Each day I find myself focusing on the moments in my life. I've always loved being outside but more recently the importance of being in awe of the outside world has been heightened. This influence reminds me to never lose sight of my responsibility as an educator, an artist, and a citizen.

Being an educator and an artist are intervowen into my own fabric. 

I've been fortunate to have many opportunities during my career and am grateful to my mentors and guides along the way; standing on the shoulders of giant educators and artists. I jump into a challenge and learning experience with my whole self. Each new experience provides opportunities to build on my skills and knowledge and to follow up by applying what I learn by connecting with people and giving back. I love bringing people together to work and play collaboratively. I believe none of us is as smart as all of us and that each person's voice and ideas deserve a place at the table

In 2016 I traveled to Malawi to provide professional development in arts integration for teachers.  Following the trip, I was inspired to create art in earnest. I explore ideas with a variety of media, going deeper, challenging my learning, and having fun. This site provides a sample of my art work including collages, mosaics, mixed media, fibers, and photography.

I have committed my life to education during my 45+ career. I continually connect people with others with hopes of raising each person's voice to make the world a better place. Learn more about my work in education. I have been blogging about arts education since 2009. Find my stories at Argy's Point of View. Please feel free to contact me at

paste papers, stamping, stitching
pottery pieces grouted in recessed table top

water color paints, marker

cotton fabric, sewing machine