Hey there! Thanks for checking out my story! This story began as a storybook project for a class I took during my undergraduate studies. Since then, I've attempted to grow and flesh out the story into something longer and, hopefully, more satisfying! I hope you enjoy!

Please keep in mind that this is a bare-bones story that I plan on revising and editing later to add details.

Additionally, I recently started to add bits of music that I think compliment each chapter of the story. I am actively working to find songs that match the feelings that I'm trying to convey in each chapter. If you have any ideas or suggestions for songs (preferably classical but I'll consider anything) for a chapter, feel free to drop a comment on my comment wall linked below.

Thank you,

Rhys Switzer

(Below is a little more explanation and background on this story as well as the original welcome message for this storybook.)

So, as I mentioned above, I originally started writing this story as a semester-long storybook project for Mythology and Folklore in my last semester of undergrad. During this time, there were certain rules and constraints that I had to follow while writing the stories and these are the reason that the Prologue chapters are all generally shorter than what follows. At the time, I was required to keep all portions of the story under 1000 words, and, while I've edited a couple of the chapters to add a few more details and push that limit now that I've graduated, I've mostly kept the stories exactly as I originally wrote them. Additionally, we had to add author's notes to each story in order to explain the origins behind the story (from mythology and folklore) and the sources that we used to write it. I left them in because I think that they are a good explanation of what went into each story and why I chose each character.

Original Welcome Message:

Welcome to my storybook! In this storybook, I will endeavor to combine and relate several creation stories from various cultures and religions. My goal is to integrate and combine them into one fictional universe to explain how the individual components of existence came to be. From the creation of reality, to the birth of the universe, to the creation of the Earth, to the creation of mankind itself, I hope that these stories will intrigue you as much as they did me! Please feel free to comment on my comment wall (linked below) with suggestions, criticisms, interpretations, or anything else you feel like talking about. I hope you enjoy!

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