Underwater-Air Multidrones

Презентация YF_ANDROY_multidrones


The invention refers to the field of unmanned aerial and underwater vehicle (UAUV). In particular, the invention relates to remotely controlled vehicles for use in deep water and hard-to-reach regions on the border between the different media as well as in the air and is able to work independently using self-educating computer intelligence system and artificial intelligence.


Underwater vehicles are useful for carrying out tasks under sea or ocean surface in many areas, namely: research and monitoring of the pollution of the world's oceans; research of flora and fauna; observation of weather and its changes; search and rescue operations; mineral exploration; underwater telecommunications industry; maintenance and operation of oil production equipment, pipelines; bridge supports in deep water; as well as special applications.


Here, a new type of swimming and flying unmanned vehicle - a multidron – is introduced. The novelty of the idea lies in the method of the diving and immersion, ascent and flying in the air. The multidron looks like a spring coil and is basically a helix with a varying diameter, which changes its height by simply folding and unfolding. See the picture below:

Fig.1 Folded spiral