experimental, postmodern, strangely beautiful and beautifully strange


Andromache Books is a small, independent press publishing literary fiction and poetry of the highest quality. We are dedicated to the vital and delicate art of literature. At Andromache Books we take a particular interest in writing that is different: experimental, postmodern, strangely beautiful and beautifully strange. Andromache Books is a cooperative, not-for-profit venture, run entirely by the authors themselves. We seek to bring only the best and the brightest to light. 

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Please note: Andromache books is no longer accepting new submissions.

We are:

Grace Andreacchi, managing editor

Elisabeth Serafimovski, assistant editor

Mimì LaBelle, business manager

WARNING: Please be aware that fraudulent approaches are being made by someone claiming to represent Andromache Books. We are not currently seeking translations for any of our authors. Unauthorised translations are in violation of copyright law and can carry heavy penalties. All legitimatre enquiries regarding translation should be addressed only to us here at: andromachebooks@gmail.com   Note that fraudsters often make use of similar but non-identical email addresses. 

We do not make use of social media, telegram, remote etc. and any such representations using our name or names are fraudulent.

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